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Why Website Security Is An Imperative Aspect For Every Website!

by Lalita Negi on January 19th 2018

Many people think that website encryption and SSL certificates are only required for eCommerce websites; however, it is clearly a misconception. The reality is; if you want to run a business successfully with the help of the web, then having a secure site is a real key. You must agree with the fact that trust is a key factor for every business. And with an encrypted website, you can win the trust of all the viewers or visitor who comes across your site for any purpose. Therefore, in this time, SSL certificates and encryption are an integral part for every kind of website.

So, 2017 has passed away and 2018 has come with several new trends and goals for online businesses. For everyone in the web industry, it is mandatory to be aware of the upcoming changes in web trends. Website security is going to act the lead role in this year as businesses will have to understand the value of an encrypted site and its impact on their businesses. So, if you have been thinking that encryption using SSL certificate deployment is optional, then just change this belief because now, only websites that implement these two will prosper on the internet. In this article, we will tell you a few amazing reasons to take website security seriously.

Reasons that encourage businesses to value website security in 2018

As this year, internet-wide encryption is going to happen, you should ensure to adopt encryption for your site if you do not want to be left behind your competitors. Following are the main reasons for this resolution

Gmail Warns Its Users if they receive any suspicious or not secured email

Gmail has already included an icon which shows when a user receives an email from any unsecure server that does not have SSL/TLS certification. Therefore, encryption of all domains is requisite and hence, having SSL even for a mail server is highly recommended.

All encrypted sites get a ranking boost on the search engine by Google

Google has already announced its step to factor SSL for SEO ranking algorithm. From 2016, all sites implementing SSL/TLS have received 5 percent visibility increase as compared to the ones which are not encrypted. This factor seems to boost up the adoption of SSL/TLS which would lead to the contribution to internet-wide encryption movement.

Browsers Only Work Well With encrypted sites with HTTP/2

From 90s, HTTP/2 is a first big revision for the old network protocol of HTTP. Now, the IETF has ratified the HTTP/2 that is utilized by 18 percent of total worldwide web traffic. This number is quickly rising. Those sites supporting connections for HTTPS will get safer and faster internet with HTTP/2 because, at present, website security is the reigning aspect for the web.

Famous mobile features can be found on HTTPS

Some great and famous mobile supporting features of Chrome are merely available on the secure and encrypted networks. To use these mobile features, you have to get SSL/TLS certificate with encryption to your site. These features include Brotli Compression, Fullscreen, Encrypted Media Extension, Geolocation, Access to camera & Microphone and Device Motion Orientation.

Browsers alert users if they access a site which is not encrypted

All the major browsers such as Chrome have started growing the display of warnings for non-SSL, and it seems in coming days, all other browsers will actively warn all users if they access a site which does not have an SSL/TLS certification. In 2015, Google already announced its plans to move out all non-encrypted sites. Regardless of which kind of website you have, it will be mandatory for you to welcome users with a sign of your encrypted website.

If you have already learned and understood these reasons to step forward to adopt encryption of your site, then it is the right time to buy the SSL/TLS certificate and get it installed to your site or server right away. There are so many advantages of this certificate which you can enjoy by spending some money to purchase it now.

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