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Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email

by Lalita Negi on June 1st 2018

Before you begin to unwind the tips of spotting a phishing email, you should to know what this phishing scam is.

Phishing is the way by which cybercriminals trap your personal information by sending emails or make a contact to steal your data, bank details or even passwords.

Radically, email is the most suitable platform where these scams take place but texts, social media or phone calls also make them accessible.

We have listed few tips to spot the phishing scams. Have a look

1.           Match the URL

Checking the email address is one of the easiest ways to identify the email scam. Hackers always change the name of the company to make it more appealing and credible. Match the address presents in URL and what address the email contains.

2.           Impersonal greetings

Do not get impressed by the way of mentioning professional greetings, as scammers are better enough to make a professional mail. Sometimes they do not add our names and prefer writing “HI”. So this unprofessional approach may show that this is a spam email.

3.           Instant job or money offer

Scam ads ask you to be a part of a prestigious job with a handsome salary. They make you believe that you will get the job right after sharing your CV and other personal details. It may sound straightforward but if they get back to you that quickly, they’re undoubtedly scammers.

4.           Request for personal details

It would be a warning sign if it is a request email for your personal information, especially the information that you’d never put on your CV.

5.           Bad formatting of body text

If the body text of the email is incomplete or broken and contains a bad formatting, such as wrong spacing, a blank lines, or strange spacing etc then the chances are it is a fake email.

6.           Updated your personal information

Think twice before clicking on any link or attachments, especially when they ask to update your personal information. These emails may contain viruses and malware. You should immediately call the company to verify the inquiry.

7.           Cash rewards deals

If you get congratulation email about getting cash rewards bonus or about your selection for some type of deal then the email could be a phishing scam seeking your account information.

8.           Suspicious emails

Phishing emails always try to freak you out with few warnings that your information was stolen and all. Then they offer an easy and free solution. If you click on the given link then you would go into a mess. So be careful and noted while receiving these kinds of emails.

9.           Use your common sense

You will surely not win a contest you haven’t applied for. Your bank would not contact through the email address you never registered. Even Microsoft and IOS will not detect any virus on your PC. So, use your common sense and do not believe in such emails.

10.           Keep enhancing your knowledge

It is your knowledge only which will make your safe from scammers and intruders. Do not trust on such sloppy emails. You will not be a victim of phishing if you have enough knowledge to spot it.

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