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Microsoft to remove Devices Limits for Office 365 Subscribers!

by Lalita Negi on November 2nd 2018

The Microsoft office 365 subscribers who include users of outlook, excel, OneNote, power point and word will soon receive some critical increases in device limits. Earlier, there had been some limit imposed on the device counts to install office 365 suite on along with the allowed users’ number who can access the subscribed service of Microsoft office 365.

Microsoft Announces to Remove Limit from Devices for Office 365 Subscribers

But, as per the recent post in Microsoft tech community blog, Microsoft announces that in the starting of October this year, the subscribers of home version of office 365 will enjoy no limit on devices anymore, as the company is all set to remove this limit. It means, there will be no limit on installing Microsoft office 365 software on devices as earlier, there had been 10 total devices were allowed for it.

This new upgrade of no device limit will be applied to personal and home subscribers both for office 365 suite. Earlier, personal office 365 subscribers were limited to merely one MAC or PC and 1 tablet to access this productivity suite account.

More Information on Microsoft’s Update on Device Limit Removal

Definitely, it is a great news for the subscribers of home and personal office 365 subscription holders. But, along with this update, the company is also going to increase the licenses’ numbers it offers to the subscribers of office 365. The home version of office 365 that costs £79.99 per year, was limited to total 5 exclusive users in the past. In the starting of October, the company is going to include an extra license to this version. This addition will make proposition of its value even more appealing as each license has 1 TB cloud storage on the OneDrive by Microsoft.

In addition, every individual licence of office 365 home will allow each user to sign into five different systems at a time. Yes, it means, you can work on 30 systems simultaneously with a single home subscription for office 365 suite. These changes would definitely affect the existing price structure of the suite, and there will be definite upgrade of the package.

Another noticeable update in office 365 is; the users will get a capability to handle their subscription on the portal of Microsoft account rather than login to the And the users of mac and windows who use office 365 suite on these devices had already been enjoying this attractive deal, specifically with home version. Though there are numerous cheaper and even free of cost alternatives available to choose on, still office 365 is a standard solution for all types of users – be it business, enterprise or individuals as all of them are accepting this fact.

As of now, there is no update from Microsoft on why the company is removing this device limit and increasing license numbers in home version; however, this step is going to make several consumers happy and more contented than before. This move of Microsoft is going to influence over 30 million office 365 subscribers with 120 million active users. With this move, this productivity suite of Microsoft will attract more subscribers very soon.

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