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Microsoft discontinue SharePoint Online Public Websites

by Lalita Negi on September 22nd 2017

This is a feature which is mainly used by a bunch of office 365 users for performing the various online tasks on their external-facing websites. It is a package of many more services which are being used by office 365 customer widely. SharePoint Online Public Websites feature provides many powers in one hand to the user and this is the significance of this feature.

Amendment was made by Microsoft

Microsoft has decided to bring some changes in the feature of SharePoint Online Public Websites which was available in office 365 for the users, but a little and vital change had happened which was the removal of access the SharePoint Online Public Websites feature for the newer users of office 365 on March 2015. Although the older users who used this feature before March 9, 2015, were still eligible to use that for next 2 years. Microsoft has provided a continued access to 2 years to its older customer but newer ones were who subscribed to be facilitated by using this feature were still empty-handed.

A new platform raised by Microsoft for the new users

Hence, Microsoft made a third party offering for the new users which is kind of a platform allows the users to have a public website for performing their various online tasks.

Postpone the removal of SharePoint Online Public Websites Feature

Although Microsoft had marked its vindication for the removal of this feature but the customer who is still able to use the SharePoint online Public Websites Feature now will be allowed to use it for the next two years. They will get the access to be continued even after the amendment made on March 9, 2015.

The customer approached the admin center of SharePoint on February 2017 to postpone this plan of the removal feature of Online Public Websites to get an allowance to be continued until March 31, 2015.

Now, the customer will be able to use this feature with an option to which they need to subscribe in the third party solution to be a part of this functionality.

If you are also interested to postpone this removal and to be continued then follow the further steps.

•              Go to app launcher and click on ADMIN.

•              Choose Admin Center.

•              Select SharePoint.

•              Navigate towards Postpone deletion of SharePoint Online public websites.

•              Hit the option “I’d like to keep my public website until March 31, 2018”

You can easily follow the process mentioned above. The steps can be a bit different depends upon your current SharePoint experience. For instance, the option of Admin Center might have changed.

The small business owner may have to accept this change of removal of the feature because they have a subscription for the small business and if they still want to raise their dissidence against this removal then they can straightly contact Microsoft.

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