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Microsoft Brings A New Tool For SharePoint Migration!

by Lalita Negi on October 12th 2018

Microsoft keeps on introducing new features to deliver better user experience with its products. Recently, it introduces migration tool for SharePoint to consumers and this tool is meant to allow users to migrate files and lists built on the on-premises SharePoint document libraries as well as on-premises fire shares. With this tool, you can easily move all such files to OneDrive or SharePoint in Office 365. As of now, this feature is available to all users of Office 365.

Purpose of SharePoint Migration Tool

Talking about the purpose or aim to introduce this tool to consumers, it mainly aims to be worked for various migrations including small package of files to big scale migration for enterprises as it allows users to bring their data to the Cloud to enjoy various advantages of it. It also aims to deliver users with benefits of new collaboration, smart and safe solutions with Microsoft Office 365.

Here are the guidelines to download as well as install migration tool for SharePoint

Those consumers who are interested to start taking the advantage of SharePoint migration tool would certainly be looking for ways or steps to easily download and install this solution to their devices. If you are one of such consumers, then here are the guidelines to follow. This guideline will allow users to download and install the migration tool for SharePoint through Internet Explorer, Chrome or even Edge browser.

Here are the steps for downloading and installing version 2 for SharePoint migration tool: –

  • Firstly, go to SharePoint Migration tool version 2 for which you can click here.
  • After that, click on the Install button
  • Now, click on Yes option that allows this tool to install.

Once you are done with the downloading and installing process for migration tool of SharePoint, next learn how to start migration process on it. For this purpose, here are some ideas to help you with.

Planning Is Highly Requisite

To make the whole migration transition simpler, a good and advance planning is mandatory. With a quality planning, you can get success in data migration over your SharePoint Online. There is a tool namely SMAT (SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool) available that is very easily executable command line and that allows users to scan the inside contents of the SharePoint suite of users. It helps one to discover issues related to data that are required to be migrated on SharePoint Online. This tool keeps on running in the background and does not affect the working environment of users.

Important Note

At this process, one thing you should remember is; if you use Chrome, you should install a plugin namely ClickOnce for Google Chrome prior to start installing this migration tool. For downloading and installing this plugin, follow this route:

Open Chrome > Go to > webstore > then click on – ClickOnce for Google Chrome to add this plugin to your browser.

At present, the version 2 migration tool of SharePoint is compatible for SharePoint Server 2013 – SharePoint Online migrations. Those who prefer PowerShell will get all functions of SPMT. And now, SharePoint migration tool can be used by Office 365 Germany users and 21Vianet based Office 365 users in China.

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