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Slack Vs Microsoft Teams

by Lalita Negi on December 14th 2018

Team chat apps have become an essential requirement for every organization to reduce internal emails. They can improve the overall communication between your teams by encouraging brevity and allowing for opt-in conversations. That’s why every organization looks for an app that can provide both effective communication and better collaboration between the teams. Generally, there are two best team chat apps – Slack and Microsoft Teams; both are quite different in their strengths and weakness.

Slack has emerged as a replacement for email and traditional communication methods. Its unique chat room structure allows teams to communicate efficiently in a workplace. Whereas, when Microsoft Teams was launched in March 2017, it lacked a lot of integration and other features. But, a recent update made it one of the most popular communication platforms among businesses

So, let’s have a look at what makes these two apps different, and which chat app is best for your business.

A Look at Slack

Slack is considered as the best communication tool due to its easy third-party integration, a vast array of shortcuts and user-friendly design. It was available for both desktop and mobile platform so that users can stay in touch with their team wherever they are.

  • Slack as a Client

The overall performance of Slack as a client is excellent. It offers highly-organized open communication channels organized by topic or group with a direct messaging feature. Also, it integrates well with Google Docs.

  • Slack as an Administrator

With Slack, administrators can set different permissions for each chat room in the platform so that workflow can be managed easily across different teams. Also, it provides a search bar and keyboard shortcuts that make the navigation easier for the administrator.

  • Limitations of Slack

Slack is available in three different versions – Free version, Standard Version, and Plus version. However, the free version offers only 5 GB storage and 10 app integration. Also, it allows you to search for only the last 10,000 messages.

A Look at Microsoft Teams

When Microsoft Teams was first launched, it has third-party integration problems and lacks some other features. But, the recent update in Microsoft Teams has fixed the integration problems and added some great features that make it an intuitive communication platform for businesses everywhere.

  • Teams as a Client

As a Client, Microsoft Teams offers a great user-interface which is easy to understand and navigate. It integrates with a wide selection of apps and services. The tabs for activity, chat, messages, teams, and files are easy to access in Microsoft teams, which allows teams to start a discussion quickly.

  • Teams as an Administrator

Microsoft Teams is almost like Slack as an administrator, it also has an improved search bar, which allows administrator for chat-wide searching and information integration. Also, with the slash commands, you can take quick actions in the search bar, such as changing the status or adding a new team member.

  • Limitations of Microsoft Teams

At first, Microsoft Team was only available with Office 365 Business Premium and essential plans. But, in July 2018, a free version of Microsoft Teams was released to combat with Slack’s free version. The free version offers unlimited chat messages, 10 GB storage, and unlimited app integration. Also, it supports up to 300 people, which can easily cover small businesses.


The best communication app for your business depends on the platform you use to manage your content and other apps. If you use Google Drive, then Slack is the best communication platform for your business. However, if you already have an Office 365 subscription, then there is no point of using Slack because you’ll get Microsoft Teams free with your subscription.

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