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Overview of Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

by Lalita Negi on January 11th 2019

Last year, Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365 – a complete, secure and intelligent solution that empowers employees to drive future growth for their organizations. In this modern era, organizations rely on the latest advancements in technology to modify and assist a workforce that is more distinct and flexible. Organizations like Goodyear, Eli Lilly and Fruit of the Loom use Microsoft 365 to empower their employees.

So, how Microsoft 365 is the best platform to empower your employees and enhance future growth? At the Ignite Conference in Orlando, Microsoft introduced new capabilities in Microsoft 365 that make it possible for every business to achieve more. Let’s have a look at these capabilities.

1)     Microsoft Teams – The Best App for Communication

Microsoft launched Microsoft Teams for better collaboration and teamwork in an organization. In less than two years, it has become a strong competitor to Slack. Around 329,000 companies around the world use Microsoft Teams, including 87 Fortune 100 companies. It is enriched with some new capabilities, such as:

a)      New artificial intelligence feature allows you to blur your background during video meetings.

b)     The recording feature allows you to playback the recorded meeting content at any time with captions.

c)     The new live event capability allows you to create and stream live and on-demand events in Teams, Yammer and Microsoft Stream.

2)     Microsoft Search Feature for Fast Searching

The latest feature of Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Search, makes it easier for users to find what they need without leaving the flow of their work. The search box of Microsoft 365 is placed at a consistent and noticeable place across Windows, Bing, Edge, and Office apps so that search is always one click away from you.

With new capabilities added to the search box, you can not only find people and related content but also access commands for apps and navigate to other content wherever you need to get work done.

3)     Create Content that Matches Your Business Standards

Microsoft offered three new features in Microsoft 365 that use AI to help you create content that stands out from the crowd.

a)     Ideas in MS Office Apps – This feature makes intelligent suggestions when you create a document, recommend designs and layout in PowerPoint, recognise trends and identifies outliers in Excel. Currently, Ideas is only available in Excel, but soon it will be available in other apps too.

b)     New Data Types in Excel – This feature provides references for stocks and geographies in rich entities that can be used to build strong, interactive and powerful spreadsheets.

c)     New Image Recognition Capability in Excel – This feature allows you to take pictures of hand-drawn or printed data tables and turn them into Excel spreadsheets, which makes data entry as easy as taking a picture.

4)     Provide a Modern Desktop with Azure

For many organizations, a virtualise desktop experience has become a specific need for their business. To fulfil user demands, Microsoft introduced Windows Virtual Desktop in the Ignite conference. It is the only cloud-based service that provides a multi-user Windows 10 experience, including Windows 7 Extended Security updates and is optimised for Office 365 ProPlus.

Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to scale and deploy Windows and Office on Azure quickly with built-in security and compliance.

5)     Advanced Security for IT Professionals

When it comes to security, Microsoft focuses on three main areas – Running security operations that work for your business, Driving partnership for a diverse world, and Building enterprise-class technology. At Ignite conference, Microsoft announced some new enterprise-class capabilities that provide advanced security to organization’s data.

a)     Passwordless Sign In – The passwordless sign-in feature is now accessible on thousands of Azure Active Directory connected apps used by businesses every day. Usually, an organization starts losing data due to compromised passwords. But, this passwordless feature allows users to sign-in only via Microsoft Authenticator app.

b)     Microsoft Secure Score – By using this service, organizations get assessments and recommendations, which in turn reduces their chance of a breach by 30-fold. It is the only enterprise-class dynamic report card for cybersecurity. It helps you in securing admin, user accounts with multi-factor authentication, and turning off client-side email forwarding rules.

c)     Microsoft Threat Protection – The threat protection service helps in detecting, investigating, and remediating across endpoints, identity, documents, emails, and infrastructure in the Microsoft 365 Admin console.

With these new capabilities from Microsoft, businesses can achieve more by unlocking creativity and advanced security. To know more about Microsoft announcements at Ignite Conference, you can connect with Microsoft Tech Community members.

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