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Migrating Emails to Office 365

by Lalita Negi on February 2nd 2018

Office 365 migration is not a cup of tea for everyone as it requires one to follow best practices and review limits for Exchange Online for ensuring you receive the behaviour and performance as per your expectations after email migration. The process of migration emails to Microsoft Office 365 can be done by any organisation. With the help of your administrator, the mailboxes can be migrated from Exchange server or from any email system. For user emails migration, they can import data of their emails to Office 365 mailbox by themselves. To make this process simple, you can take help of a partner and can accomplish email migration task easily.

In this article, we will review different ways to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365. For this purpose, first decide your migration path. You can also take help of the Exchange migration advisor to choose an ideal option suitable for your company. Let’s review different ideas to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365.

Mailboxes Migration from Exchange Server

To migrate mailboxes from your present on-premises Exchange Server, you can take help of your administrator who will migrate your all email data including emails, contacts, calendar from all mailboxes of users to Office 365.

Following mentioned 3 kinds of migration ideas of email that you can make from your Exchange Server.

Express Migration or Cutover Migration of All Mailboxes

If you run Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003 or you have under 2000 mailboxes, then you should go with express migration or cutover migration. The process of cutover migration starts from the admin center of Exchange. One notable thing here is that; using cutover migration, one can migrate up to two thousand mailboxes to Office 365; however because of a lot of time consumption, it will be good to migrate only 150 users during this session.

Staged Migration Of Mailboxes

If you use Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003, then staged migration will be the best option for you. In addition, in case you have above two thousand mailboxes, then this type of migration will suit your needs perfectly.

Hybrid Migration Using Integrated Office 365 and Exchange Server Environment

To maintain your online mailboxes as well as on-premises mailboxes, hybrid migration should be used as it gradually migrates all emails and users to Microsoft Office 365. Following are different conditions to use hybrid migration

o          If you have above 150 to 2 thousand mailboxes and you use Exchange 2010

o          If you use Exchange 2013

o          If you need to migration mailboxes in batches over time and have Exchange 2010

PST Files Migration using Import Service Of Office 365

In case your company has several big PST files, then work with Import Service of Office 365 for migrating all data of emails to Office 365. This service can be used to upload PST files via network and also to email PST files to the drive you make.

Email Migration from Any Other IMAP Enabled System

For migrating emails of users from, Exchange, Gmail or any other email services, one should use IMAP. At a time, you use IMAP migration process for email migration of users, the only items which lie in the inbox of users or any other email folder get migrated. All the tasks, calendar items, contacts etc cannot be migrated with this option; however they can only be migrated by the user. Moreover, it also does not produce mailboxes in Microsoft Office 365. Before migrating user emails, you need to create user mailboxes.

Let Users Import Their Email Data

The users of your company can also import their important or all email data to Office 365. This data would include emails, calendar, contacts or all folders in mailboxes.

Taking Help of An Email Migration Partner for Office 365

In case, you are still not clear with the email migration ideas for your business, then the best will be to take help of a professional Office 365 migration service provider.

Using Third-Party Migration Tool for Email Migration to Office 365

There are plenty of migration tools available on the internet that can simplify the migration process of email accounts. Using these tools, you can speed up this process. From Office 365 Marketplace, you can find the best tools easily.

Moreover, to find a reliable partner for email migration to Office 365, you can take help or refer Office 365 Marketplace.

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