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Disaster Recovery Solution for Azure VM

by Lalita Negi on December 28th 2018

On June 4th, 2018, the general availability of Disaster Recovery solution for Azure Virtual Machines was announced. This announcement made Azure the first public cloud to provide natural Disaster Recovery solution for IaaS applications. With DR solution, you can make IaaS applications resilient to even region level failures using replication of virtual machines into another region. In this post, we will talk about some unique benefits of Disaster Recovery solution.

Advantages of DR Solution for MS Azure IaaS Applications

The Disaster Recovery solution for MS Azure IaaS applications prolongs Azure Site Recovery’s existing functionality and simplify the user experience for customers.

#          No Additional Infrastructure Required

Users do not require any additional software infrastructure like VMs or appliances in their Azure subscription to enable this feature. Also, you don’t have to pay any additional cost to deploy, monitor, patch, and maintain any DR infrastructure.

#          Top-Notch RPO and RTO Performance

Azure Site recovery is supported by 99.9% SLA and a comprehensive 24×7 customer support to keep your enterprise running smoothly. The RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) offered are precise enough to assure the availability and compliance of the Azure applications to the enterprises.

#          Flexibility to Select DR Region

Users can select the DR region according to their workload flexibility, which means they can easily replicate and protect the IaaS applications that run on Azure to a different Azure region within a geographical cluster of their choice.

#          Automatic DR Resource Creation for Simplified Experience

The automatic DR Resource creation enables cross-region replication to simplify the user experience. All you need to do is select the VMs you wish to protect, select a target Azure region, review replication settings, and then you can proceed further. Azure Site Recovery instance automatically creates the required target resources, such as virtual network and storage.

#          Non-Disruptive DR Drills

Azure Site Recovery’s test failover allows you to perform DR drill anytime without making an impact on the primary production application or ongoing replication. It makes the users confident about DR solution working when they need it.

#          Auto-Updates

Azure Site Recovery releases a cadence every month where improvements to existing or new features are added, and some known issues are also fixed. Users can always stay with the latest version by configuring automatic updates and avoid overhead management expenses and deployment of patches.

#          Quick Monitoring and Comprehensive Troubleshooting

ASR has high-level monitoring capabilities like vault dashboard and email notifications that allow users to monitor DR health and fail-over readiness easily. This capability also helps in troubleshooting any issue quickly.

#          Application Recovery

The powerful recovery plans of ASR enable users to organise the recovery of their entire application to meet the strict recovery time requirements that every organization demands.

#          Full Operating System Coverage

ASR provide support to both Windows and Linux operating systems. The monthly cadence released by Azure make sure that users know the latest Linux OS versions are supported by Azure.

The DR protection is available across the whole global infrastructure of Azure in an efficient manner.

So, you can start today to optimise the DR solutions for your business needs.

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