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Worst Cloud Computing Outages Recorded In 2014

by Sanjay Mittal on April 10th 2015

Cloud systems are known to be very robust; however, they are also not perfect and could lead to some outage. Below we shall be looking back at some cloud outages in the year 2014 which are possible the worst outages in the year 2014.

Dropbox goes down
At early January 3rd 2014 Dropbox was a victim of cloud computing outage, however, the service was back and running perfectly within 3 hours of the outbreak.

Gmail interrupted
It was recorded in 24th January 2014 that Gmail faced an outage; however, Google was able to sort this out in less than an hour of the outage. Although, it brought about questions about Google’s potential in handling cloud outages.

Basecamp attack
This cloud outage took place on 24th march 2014. Project management application basecamp was hacked and shut down for up to 2 hours when faked Basecamp requests was submitted in other to flood the Basecamp network.

Adobe creative cloud made unavailable
The adobe creative cloud was made unavailable on May 14th and 15th 2014. Students, photographers, and small and medium sized business was able to get 24 hours access to the cloud-based creative service.

Internap outage
Internap suffered from an outage on May 16th 20014. The hybrid internet hosting solutions company Internap suffered from a data Centre outage. More than 20 customers of the Internap company lost service, as well as the video streaming platform Livestream.

Joyent’s East Coast Data Centre fails
Joyent’s East Coast Data Centre fails on May 27th 2014. When this cloud service provider data was shut down, the cloud service provider reported that the minimum interruption for their customer instance was 20 minutes while the maximum interruption was 149 minutes.

Evernote targeted by hackers
On June 10th 2014 Evernote was targeted by hackers. The massive DDos attack against Evernote left many of their customers in the dark. This outage lasted for a minimum of ten hours.

ICloud Outage Affects 0.1% of customers
On July 14th 2014 when iCloud mail ceased to work, it was reported by Apple that the incident initially affected 0.1% of all users of the iCloud Mail.

Google drive slows down
On October 14th 2014 there was decrease in speed in Google drive. Since the occurrence of this incident, when Google drive was down for some hours, it was reported by Google that it was focused on making endless improvements to their file backup and cloud storage service.

Microsoft Azure Storage Service Outage affected their users around the world
This was a recent outage which took place in 2014. The outage lasted for about 11 hours. However, Microsoft is taken several measures in order to avoid another cloud outage from ever happening again.

Jason Zander, the Microsoft Corporate Vice president, apologized to Azure storage users for the outage witnessed by the company and stated that the company is investigating on this incident. He said that their focus when they encounter such incident is rapid time to recovery for every of their customers, but however, they also work hard to closely investigate the source of the problem and prevent it from ever happening again.

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