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Windows 2003 End of Life Support -Time to Upgrade

by Sanjay Mittal on July 17th 2015

 Microsoft has officially announce Windows 2003 end of life support on July 14, 2015. This means that you will no longer receive support and security updates from Microsoft for any version of windows 2003. Although windows 2003 operating system will not automatically stop running. However, you will put your application and business is a great risk if you or company don’t upgrade to a more updated Microsoft server. There will be no support from Microsoft to deal with new threats.

Some of the challenges you and your company will face for not upgrading as life support for windows 2003 server has ended include the following:

Compatibility Issues

If you are still running windows 2003 after July 14, 2015, that means you are using a software that has been outdated. You are likely going to experience software and hardware compatibility issues in the nearest future. This will be a major setback for you and your business. The reason being that there is no new apps and hardware devices built for window 2003 server.

Security Issues

You will face a lot of security issues if your business keep running windows 2003 operating system after Windows 2003 end of life support. Since Microsoft is no longer providing any security measures to protect the operating system, you have to provide security yourself. This sure is an additional financial burden to your business.

Performance Issues

Windows 2003 will become increasingly unstable since there are no more regular performance and bug fixing updates from Microsoft. Purchasing custom support after the July 14, 2015 end of life support is not really a wise financial decision for small and medium size businesses.

Increased Cost

To successfully run windows 2003 server after the end of life support, you require more advanced firewalls and network segmentation. Meaning that your organization will have to take additional steps to provide the required support. As your organizations workload increases, the vulnerability also increases. This will automatically increase the maintenance cost.

Compliance Issues

As Microsoft has ended life support for Microsoft server 2003 on July 14, 2015, organizations in the business of handling credit card payment or processing regulated data will face compliance issues if they keep using unsupported software. This will definitely result to frequent legal battles that will end in fines and penalties. This will end up crippling your organization because your business will lose its credibility. Which will surely send your clients running.

Looking at all the risks involved in not migrating from Microsoft 2003 server as life support for it is ended, any wise business man will migrate without any delay. The financial implication of providing the needed support for your server and the imminent fines and penalties resulting from compliance issues will definitely cripple any business if urgent steps are not taken to take care of it. With this, you can see that migration is cost effective at the long run compared to personally providing maintenance for Microsoft 2003.

As windows 2003 server life support ended on July 14, 2015, make sure you have plans to migrate to other upgraded windows server in the nearest future. This will save your organization a whole lot of stress and finance.

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