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What Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bring For You! 

by Lalita Negi on December 29th 2017

Microsoft has recently rolled out Windows 10 Fall Creators update through auto-updates when the PC is prepared, offering the greatest update experience ever. In case, you are interested to grab this update immediately, then get Update Assistant downloaded first on your system. This update introduces Mixed Reality experience for which users should use a compatible Windows device along with a headset and also the Fall Creators update for Windows 10. Though PC requirements can be varied for present content and apps.

So, this update is supposed to grow the productivity and creativity with advanced immersive realities, people closer connections, 3D storytelling, experiences based on cross-device and much more. Once your PC is prepared for this update, it will automatically launch on your system, but if you want to get it immediately, then use Update Assistant for these new experiences. Here we will discuss various new innovative experiences and features that Windows 10 Fall Creators update brings with it like dazzling 3D storytelling, work across different devices, immersive new realities etc.

Discussing Various New Features That Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Introduce

Experience A New Reality  

The newly introduced Windows 10 Fall creators update brings mixed reality with which users can explore several interesting things like new worlds, play games, travel to the best destinations, and many more. So, the Windows 10 mixed reality is a way to reach out a new world that is beyond imagination.

Tell Your Story In Your Unique Way

Windows 10 fall creators update introduces users with a reimagined Photos application which makes it convenient to users to share their story in the form of video along with a rhythmical soundtrack, Windows Ink, transitions and 3D effects. So, if you are person who admires making great videos using Movie Maker, then Photos app will surely grab your attention.

Check 3D creations in the world of your own

Now, you can see anything that you make in the Paint 3D or even fetch from the catalog of Remix 3D in the real surroundings. With Mixed Reality views or your system camera, you can share, snap or even see all your creations.

My People – Easy Access To PeopleD

Once you install the new update of Windows 10 fall creator on your system, you will be able to pin people who you make communication from your taskbar. This new function has made communication more convenient, fast, one-click access from Skype and Mail.

People-first Sharing To Save Steps   

Now, sharing of files has become easier and faster as you just need to drag and drop files straight to the contacts pinned on the taskbar.

Instant Connection With Emojis

After pinning with favourite contacts, users will see emojis as they will animate and appear exactly from taskbar.

Coordination With Phone
Switch on PC   

After new update, users can easily switch their searches, articles, websites by forwarding them from iPhone or Android devices to PC to have an easy view or editing on large display.

App for Microsoft Launcher  

Now, you can bring the greatest of Microsoft on your Android device merely in one-click access of favourite apps which include Office, recent activities and news feed.

More innovation with Windows 10
Voice-Enabled Power Commands

Now, Cortana will take your commands to shut down, sleep or even restart your PC.

On-Demand OneDrive Files   

You can now save your files directly onto OneDrive and also can access those files just as any other file available on a PC without letting it fill up your disk space. Just download on-demand files or choose files to be available always offline.

Eye Control 

Just use your eyes to access windows with a keyboard, on-screen mouse, or text-to-speech function. Though it requires an eye-tracker named Tobii Eye Tracker 4C.

Get Safety With Innovative security features   

Explore Security Features that come with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update  

Protection From Ransomware   

This update brings some certain safeguards with Windows Defender Antivirus that will battle with malicious cyber threats and apps such as ransomware attacks and WannaCry.

Protection Related To Cloud-Delivered   

Get the advanced threat definitions from cloud to safeguard your system all the time and everywhere.

Real Time Virus Protection

Now you can scan or protect each side of your PC or other devices against all sorts of threats live.

The Greatest Gaming Experience In Windows

Go In Game Mode

Whichever game you try out, now you can easily join its Game Mode simply from a newly introduced option available in Game Bar.

Microsoft Edge & Its New Feature

On Windows 10, users can now pin their favourite websites, fill up PDF forms in the browser or can write in eBooks from the taskbar itself.

Find Pen 

Now, Windows will tell you the exact location where you inked last on your device as it has made it easier to find the lost pen for you. Moreover, using digital pen, you can also selection, scroll or advance the slides of PowerPoint.

Final Words

So, these are key improvements of Windows 10 Fall Creators update that every Window user must be aware of. But to take the most out of it, you should remember few notable things which are as below:

I)   To use Mixed Reality on Windows, you should have a compatible PC with headset and this update as well. Depending on available content and apps, system requirements will be varied.

II) Windows Ink is only available for PC and pen accessory is usually sold separately. In addition, users should also use a touch enabled device.

III) The feature of Remix 3D catalog is present in only some selected markets and its experience will also vary by device or region.

IV) Similarly, Cortana experience will also vary depending on device and religion.

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