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Windows 10 – Boost ROI for Businesses!

by Lalita Negi on April 27th 2018

Switching to Windows 10 Enterprise edition is a convenient upgrade solution with enhanced MDM (mobile device management) features, effective security and easier authentications and sign-in via Azure Active Directory. Though still many enterprises are found having some sort of confusion on how Windows 10 can contribute to enhancing ROI. If you too have this kind of question in your mind, then this article is worth your interest.

An Expert View on Windows 10 Adoption for Enterprises

As per a Senior Director of product marketing in Windows Commercial – Mr. Craig Dewar, Microsoft created Windows 10 with an intention to present the safest Windows experience ever to users with simple management solutions and make more individualistic and productive experiences over different devices. During this transition, the user satisfaction is on the top due to its productivity and security features, which encourage the powerful adoption with thorough satisfaction. The market support for Windows 10 has been truly rewarding as there has been 3x growth in the deployments of Windows 10 Enterprise edition

In 2016, Forrester Consulting was commissioned by Microsoft for presenting the TEI (Total Economic Impact) on Windows 10 to showcase how this solution – Microsoft 10 features an optimistic influence on its consumers final choice. At the end of 2016, Forrester Consulting again updated its study for Microsoft and displayed the insights from 4 different customers that extended the number of participants making it eight.

Let’s check out few certain advantages for the composite company as per those 8 customers who had been talked over for the study of Forrester Consulting.

Cost Savings For IT Management

For managing, installing and supporting IT administration, Windows 10 needs less time because of its simple features and highly self-service solutions. One of these 8 customers discovered that Windows 10 deployment was highly faster and simpler as compared to their previous upgrade of an operating system and wholly, IT admins assume for fifteen percent boost in the time saving of IT management using Windows 10. That saved time can be invested in other important IT aspects.

With System Center Configuration Manager and Windows 10, companies can offer their employees easy tools enabling them to easily find or install a package of required business applications. The new Windows features are found to be helpful in reducing costs related to third-party application licenses as it will not be required.

Less Security Remediation

It accompanies some advanced features like Device Guard, Credential Guard and enhanced safety features like BitLocker, etc. that help to reduce as well as eradicating IT remediation for client device management. As per the report of Forrester, some businesses can save around $700,000 annually if they enable these new Windows 10 security features.

Enhanced Productivity

Enhancements like speedier boot times, easy corporate applications access, enhanced safety and effective mobility tools assist users to enhance their productivity by accomplishing their task in more efficient and faster way.

Latest Windows 10 Creator Update Effect

In April, 2017, Window 10 Creators Update were released which is 1703 version. This version is specifically made by keeping the latest IT requirement of modern time as it has new features that help IT, professionals, to manage their work in an easier manner and also provides better safety to devices as well as data. It offers consumers a power to enjoy better productivity with its enhanced Cortana and Windows Ink along with improved battery life, enhanced accessibility and higher control on its privacy settings.

As per Microsoft, this Windows 10 update expresses the way it shifted to Windows as the service and delivery over their commitment to keep putting efforts to enhance Windows with time, using the feedback which they get from their consumers via Windows Insider Program.

So, by now you would have certainly understood the value of Windows 10 for enterprises and if you also want to take advantages of the same, it is the right time to upgrade to it. For safe and flawless upgrading to Windows, you should learn about various migration solutions of Windows 10.

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