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Ways To Get Rid Of Version Control Problem With OneDrive!

by Lalita Negi on April 6th 2018

In every industry, it is seen that quality collaboration is a key to make a successful team. To do various projects successfully, one needs to make effective communication with each and every team member to keep them on the right track. This job becomes quite confusing when there is high workload or in busy times. This issue is common even with well-organised workers. Moreover, the advent of remote employees has come up with more challenging for the modern workforce.

These days, most of the businesses depend majorly on various digital communication modes which they use to make proper collaboration not just inside the office but beyond physical offices. This way, these businesses often encounter certain challenges to manage a team, specifically if there is lack of adequate technical infrastructure. Hence, for smooth and flawless workflow around a company, it is imperative to have a tight collaboration and ensure the minimum file versioning. So, if your team is also facing versioning issues, this article can be of a great help.

Here we will address some of the common versioning issues that you may have encountered which working in a team and will explain how OneDrive can be a helpful solution to deal with this problem.

The Issue Of Version Control

Several times we notice files changing from version1_draft to version1_update to version 2 to Final version. This way, when documents keep on passing from one team member to another to get the latest notes from them, it usually gets versioning anxiety. If you think to avoid this problem even with a great file naming, then it is yet not possible. It is because there will not be a certainty that you work on the most updated document.

The Problem Of Exceeded Attachment Size From Allowed Limit

Every business gives the first preference to the email communication and now it is referred as the best mode to share information within and across your company. Though the time you send a file that is too large to be attached in an email, business workers usually get stuck struggling to search a solution to send it. Hence, they split a file into multiple forms and ultimately results in clutter.

Safety Concerns In Sending File

If one decides to search an alternative solution to transfer files to various team members, it can lead the team and your company to face some certain security risks. Usually, the free and convenient file sharing methods are not secure. Thus, there will be risk to the intellectual property of your company or virus issues to the devices of your employees.

Low Disk Storage Error

To record various changes that you have made in every document, companies save every file version to the drives or servers of the company. This way, the storage in disk gets clogged in a short duration. This problem is quite common when every team member saves and downloads each file in multiple versions. It can make data storage quite expensive for companies.

How To Deal With These Issues

Luckily, with the cloud, businesses get a convenient and safe solution to deal with these frustrating issues. Apart from handling these concerns, there are many other problems that can be sorted with OneDrive. By using OneDrive, teams can easily work on updatable single files and also can store work on cloud as it helps in minimising the headache of saving, storing and sharing files.

So, use OneDrive and enable your workers to concentrate on their duties rather struggling with tedious concerns of digital collaboration and file sharing. Discover the way to implement a good solution by which they can minimise the time spent on additional aspects of collaboration and stop storage space wastage.

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