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Tips To Avoid Marking Spam To Real Emails In Office 365!

by Lalita Negi on October 19th 2018

Are you fed up of sorting your emails from genuine ones to spam? Do you often end up marking your genuine emails to spam and then, spend a lot of time to search them to various folders in Office 365. If you struggle with this issue, then this article is quite helpful to you. Here, we present some practical tips to avoid marking spam to real emails in Office 365.

Role of EOP In Filtering Spam From Inbox Emails

To keep inbox clear and spam free, EOP that is Exchange Online Protection puts effort. With the help of EOP, all the spam content or emails get filtered out from inbox; however, sometimes, it filters emails that are actually not spam and relevant to users. So, avoid such filtration by EOP, you should take up some certain measures and keep your inbox spam free. Before we start giving you helpful tips, let’s talk about some reasons why EOP marks some emails as spam.

How Emails Get Marked As Spam In Office 365

Using View Email Message Headers option, one can easily sort several spam related issues in Office 365 and ensure if anything goes wrong with it. The time, you find a message with header as X-Forefront-Antispam-Report which carries SFV:NSPM string to it, that implies as EOP took this email as spam. In case, you don’t find this header value, it may imply either that it had an issue in configuration, or that the email had not passed through the scanning for spam. This way, such message wrongly categorised as a spam message.

To avoid EOP to mark your genuine emails in Office 365 as spam, you can follow some tips which we are going to discuss right here. These tips are proven and quite handy to fix this issue.

Tips To Avoid Genuine Emails From Marking As Spam In Your Office 365

For effectively performing, EOP requires that Office 365 admins should perform some certain tasks. In case, you get an immense amount of spam message to your account and you don’t have admin rights for the Office 365 tenant, you should take help of the administrator for following mentioned tasks. If this is not the issue, then you can go straight to a user section.

Tips For Admins

     Pointing MX DNS Records To Office 365

To make EOP offer security, you should ensure that all MX (mail Exchanger) DNS records for each domain should be pointed to your Office 365 only. Avoiding this step will make EOP unable to feature spam filtering to users. If you want to take any other appliance or service to offer spam filtering facility for domain, then you can go for spam protection disabling in EOP. By making the transport rule which results in the -1 SCL value, you can do disable spam protection. For using EOP features, it is must to eradicate transport rule.

      SmartScreen Filtering Should Be Disabled In Outlook 

Those Office 365 users who use Outlook desktop client, should disable the filtering functionality of SmartScreen which is now discontinued. In case, this function is enabled, it may result in false positives. It is absolutely unworthy for users having updated version of desktop Outlook client.

     Turning Add-in of Report Message On For Users

For better spam filtering, it is highly recommended to enable add-in of report message for each user of Office 365. So, as an admin, one could also be able to see users’ feedback that they send and utilise patterns for adjusting settings that can be a problem creator.

     Instantly Allow Sender

If there is a case to allow sender instantly, the most recommended option is to allow an IP address of a certain sender only. Besides that, you can also allow send after ensuring the authentication check to be passed across by sender such as DKIM or SPF with a transport rule which seeks sender domain as well as a right header for authentication results.

Tips For Users

     Spam Report To Direct Microsoft

There is an Add-In for Report Message by which users can report for spam emails messages directly to Microsoft. In addition, by sending message at by attaching more messages along, you can register a report for spam.

     Adding Sender To Allow List; however use separately

In the last fix for users, the option is to allow or block settings of junk email. If you go with this option, you should ensure that the phishing attempt that is targeted is allowed to the inbox.

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