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Symantec Endpoints Cloud Security for Your Business

by Lalita Negi on November 17th 2017

If you run a business where your employees use varied devices such as desktop computer, tablets, smartphones and laptop to conduct various operation, then choosing cloud security can be a great choice for several reasons. There are numerous small as well as medium businesses which choose cloud security to fix several security issues at work.

Why Choose Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud For Businesses

If you are planning for a single security product that carries all security power to handle all sorts of security concerns of your business with less effort, then certainly Symantec Endpoint protection cloud is just for you. In this time when cyber-attacks are becoming common for businesses, a concern for a robust cyber security solution is obvious by all. Here are top reasons to choose cloud security for your businesses and learning them, you will realise how essential it is for you.

1)      Speedy Protection

Choosing proven capabilities of enterprise level endpoint security, a complete package is designed to help small businesses deal with their cyber security issues. It begins with easy deployment which takes businesses higher and keep them running in merely 5 minutes.

2)      Give protection to all kind of devices with single product

This security package is amazing as with single protection product, you can safeguard all your device, Operating systems and servers like PCs, tablets, laptops, servers and also windows, iOS, Android and Mac with external USB support as well. It has made security less risky too.

3)      Award-winning protection for no mental stress

By winning the best protection award from AV-TEST, the Symantec Endpoint protection cloud has become the top security product of the time. Now, it is the most rated security product.

4)     All time secure business

To battle with new growing cyber threats like zero day cyber-attacks and ransomware, this product uses artificial intelligence and machine learning analyse along with learning from nine trillion security telemetry rows. All this occurs live that helps businesses to stay safe and protected.

5)     Time to focus main productive activities with great management

As the name implies, this protection product is cloud-based; hence it stays on always and self manages alerts and reports from its simple dashboard.

6)     More value in less expenditure

It is understood that every business owner seeks way out to save money from various expenses. Though cyber security is very critical, yet you would not desire to spend a lot of money on pricey annual licensing upgrades which usually hit the budget. But, this Symantec Endpoint protection cloud is an affordable product based on pay as you go model.

7)     Get support of cyber experts 

The best thing of this security product is; you get cyber security assistance from 1,000 security experts who provide support from 9 global centres. So, whenever any of your system gets affected with any of the latest cyber threat, you can fix the issue with expert assistance.

8)     Dump reactive and adopt proactive

Do not take security of your business on granted but think of something proactive while dealing with cyber threats. Symantec Endpoint protection cloud is a real protective product that delivers matchless security to businesses.

9)     Make security settings for each user

This ultimate security solution is designed to keep every single user safe and protected while being productive through its role-based protection policies which are pushed out to individual user on its own. From the official portal of Symantec, users can set these policies up for company or individual.

So, to enjoy aforementioned benefits, every small and medium business should adopt Symantec Endpoint protection cloud package and keep cyber security threat away from affecting their business.

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