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Surface Go With Lte Advance: New Versatile And Flexible Surface Device Available Now

by Lalita Negi on December 21st 2018

Surface Go is a 10-inch 2-in-1 detachable lightest and most compact surface series unveiled by Microsoft on 10th July 2018. It is compact, affordable and manageable which comes with advanced security with Windows 10 Pro and thus liked by business customers. It is a versatile device which persuades the first time users to explore more and spark creativity in performing the operations effectively.

About Surface Go with LTE Advanced

Microsoft has recently announced pre-order of Surface Go with LTE Advanced in selected markets. It provides the organization with a perfect balance of portability, connectivity, and performance so as to enhance flexibility and capability of the business to fulfill the needs of the customers. It also helps in organizational management and security so as to reduce risks from the unsecured network and allows the administration to roll out business-critical updates in an effective manner.

Why this device?

The new device has significant benefit to the users. Imagine:

  • Independence from Wi-Fi at workplace due to use of cloud system and real-time assessment
  • No reliance on the home Wi-Fi network of client
  • Removal of problems related to reduced speeds and depleted phone batteries

Surface Power Business

Surface Go with LTE Advanced for Business is the latest expansion of optimizing surface devices and expanding enterprise-grade portfolio provided by the Microsoft. This has resulted in the growth of surface business and allowed the organization to jump to the top five global companies in the US PC market share.

Top Features

This device was created on the basis of feedback of feedback provided by the customers. It has been created specifically for customers related to education and commercial sectors. It provides various features for Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Laptop 2 for business and is:

  • 8th Gen Intel Core processor on the i5 configuration for faster and higher performance.
  • Advanced security with Windows 10 Pro
  • Premium Support with no additional cost
  • Easily adjustable to MS-365

Examples of Sectors using this device

  • Goldcorp: Responsible for mining practices throughout the USA. Uses MS hardware to improve security, gain performance insight and reduce the cost of laying the foundation of future technology-based mines. Utilizes the services of 1400 of these devices including Surface Studio, Surface Pro and Surface Book 2.
  • John Holland: It is a Melbourne-based infrastructure building and rail leader, has utilized services of 1200 of these devices to avail benefits of the combination of cellular and Wi-Fi such as the provision of blueprints and documents at project sites.
  • Mashreq Bank: A Dubai based regional market bank leader which recently switched to this device which resulted in 50% increase in the digital transaction, saving in security spending, enhanced workforce and high growth.
  • New York City Admin for Children’s Service: It uses this device to provide greater access to its frontline staff with critical documents and case history. Besides, this device would help in the identification of high-risk cases automatically.

Availability of Surface Go with LTE Advanced

Surface Go Bundle is now available in the selected market from only £498.98. It will be available in 23 markets by 22nd Nov 2018.

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