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Surface Book 2 – Coming As The Most Robust Variant Ever!

by Lalita Negi on November 24th 2017

From the mission to strengthen every individual and company available on the earth to achieve more, Microsoft appears all about being powerful. Following this mission, Microsoft keeps on inventing powerful devices and software like Office, Windows and Surface. Just as always, this time again, Microsoft introduces another robust product which is 2nd version of surface book that is Surface Book 2.

Two years back, Microsoft brought Surface Book claiming it to be the most robust and nifty laptop ever, to fill the gaps between what users imagine and what can be created, and the success of Surface Book gave a great inspiration to the creators and hence, here they present another power-rich product – Surface Book 2.

As per Microsoft, Surface Book 2 is an apt laptop for future generation. It is a greatly robust laptop that can fuel up the future generation of computing over artificial intelligence, mixed reality, immersive gaming and machine learning. It is a laptop which can give strength to artists, scientists, developers and designers; so that they can build up exactly what they imagine without following any limits and compromises.

Let’s Introduce The Latest Surface Book 2 As The Most Robust Laptop Ever

The newly launched surface book 2 is fully capable of eradicating all the barriers that fall between a laptop and desktop computer by empowering mobile professionals with a power of desktop, a freedom of a handy laptop and a versatility of the tablet in a truly wonderfully created device. Hence, if you are a web artist, an accountant, a designer, a developer, this surface book will help your ideas come into reality in the best way due to this portable powerhouse.

With Surface Book 2, you would not find a single flaw as Microsoft has worked over all the aspects very carefully. As per the creating team of Surface Book 2, it can perfectly be called as a beauty and a beast. The stunning design perfectly fits the greatest power of this surface book.

Specifications That Make Surface Book 2 Powerful

To fulfil the expectations of users, this time Microsoft has designed the new generation Surface Book with amazing features as it is furnished with Intel Core 8th Gen processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and 1060 graphics that make the new Surface Book 2 5x more robust than its predecessor. Moreover, it features double power than the latest model of MacBook Pro. On the above, it provides amazing battery backup that is up to 17 hours with video playback. This battery backup is 70 percent more than the current model of MacBook Pro.

Why Surface Book 2 Is Perfect For Professionals

As professionals like gamers, designers, developers, architects etc. need to switch to their work for 24 x 7 hours, this handy device proves perfect for them due to featuring great mobility with its lightweight that is merely 3.38 lbs and sizes 13 inches. If you buy the bigger variant that is 15 inches, it will weigh only 4.2lbs. Though it is a light device, yet it demonstrates amazing computational power. So, this device can be with you for a long time till you convert your idea into a reality.

Having Surface Book 2, a designer can showcase his power of stunning PowerPoint presentations or an accountant can present pivot tables from MS Excel using the crisp and dazzling PixelSense Display that responds well to Surface Pen, multi-touch and on-screen Surface Dial support. On this device, a user can take benefit of tremendous colour choices and 3D images while working on PowerPoint. Though with Surface Book 2 15 inches variant, you get 7 million vibrant pixels that are 45 percent more than that of MacBook Pro; hence it gives artists as well as web professionals a fantastic pixel density for their creative canvas.

Thus we can clearly see, how the new Surface Book 2 can be a marvelous choice for professionals of varied industries.

During the product making stage, Microsoft brought every single detail in to its consideration and following that, a detachable screen with hinge come out as a result. It is a redesigned product meant for faster and smoother detach into a studio mode and tablet. So, when one detaches it to outlay an idea or for just watch a movie, this device turns the whole world in a light and thin Intel Core i7 8th Gen PC which gives users a great portable studio power; so that, one can enjoy having a single machine which follows users from an ideal to outline to the final creation.

What To Expect From Surface Pro 2

The original Surface Book proved to be a perfect device for photographers, artists and other professionals who had been desiring a portable, slim and advanced laptop. After having a great feedback on Surface Book original, Microsoft is ready to flaunt its new launch of Surface Book 2 that is sure to help professionals like artists, photographers, office professionals, accountants a creative spectrum to enjoy better working like future generation. It carries more power that means speedier renders as well as effects to allow you to make fast edits and take faster decisions to complete your work. Though its association with Adobe will add more improvement to the functionality of Surface Dial and Photoshop for keeping one in a flow and allow one to conveniently access or modify the recent brush settings.

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