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IT Support For Virtualised Computing Landscape

by Sanjay Mittal on June 13th 2014

IT Support For Virtualised Computing Landscape

Computing has been growing and changing since PCs first arrived in the office. An important part of the current role of IT support company is to manage this ongoing process, keep apace of developments and constantly upgrade not only software and hardware but also staff skills. The internet and the more recent advent of mobile devices has put much more power in the hands of individual users, allowing them to introduce both software and their own hardware to the workplace. A mutation of arguably even greater proportions is presently beginning to further transform the landscape, with virtualisation and cloud computing revolutionising business data management in particular.

From custodians to facilitators

IT professionals, once the guardians of the mysterious mainframe, now manage an increasingly complex range of functions, from cloud data security to BYO strategies. But as staff increasingly bring in their own devices, access work files from home and generally raise their expectations of technology, they need more, not less, IT Support. Yet, while large enterprises still tend to have dedicated in-house teams, most currently focusing on acquiring virtualisation and cloud-related expertise particularly in respect of security issues, SMEs typically share that responsibility across departments.

IT support – crucial to business success

Whether it’s in the form of a dedicated in-house team or from the increasingly important specialist consultancy, responsive IT support can now determine an enterprise’s success. It’s vital that the decisions constantly thrown up by constant rapid change are made with a view to their potential impact on your company’s effectiveness and profitability, making cutting edge consultancy services ever more vital. Market leaders are frequently distinguished by a willingness and ability to embrace the new cloud-based technologies, while IT staff, specialist or otherwise, continue to race to keep ahead of the curve.

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