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Server Consultancy – Giving Protection Against Ransomware To Businesses

by Lalita Negi on June 2nd 2017

The recent cyber-attack affecting 150 countries has brought the vulnerabilities of ageing IT systems still in use in our notice and the most surprising fact here is that many large-sized MNCs are using these systems in their organisations. The usage of aged IT systems that have known vulnerabilities is one of the major causes that encourage the cyber-attackers to conduct these malicious activities.

Today, the main reason for growing number of ransomware attacks to businesses is because businesses are not taking serious security measurements in their organisations and this negligence is the key root of ransomware attacks. On the other side, the cyber-attackers have found ransomware an attractive option to get money from the organisations in return of their business data. Moreover, they get ransom in the cryptocurrency like bitcoin which does not let them track by anyone.

The attacks of ransomware are quite uncertain as any organisation – large or small can be their target. Though these attacks are mainly possible if your system has vulnerabilities which the attacker finds out.

As per the recent study, it is found that over 4 million cases of ransomware have been noted in the year 2015 which is higher than the cased identified in the year 2013. It shows that the ransomware attacks are rapidly growing and just as a flu virus, it constantly evolves.

How We Can Help You To Mitigate The Ransomware Threat

Being associated with many organisations and MNCs for many years, we have found that businesses should see IT investments as an important business expenditure. So, there is a recurring theme of kicking all IT related discussions into the long grass. This mantra of ‘why fix something if it’s not broken’ will almost guarantee to give you no opportunity to solve the problem when it eventually breaks!

At this point of time when cyber-attacks are on a rise, businesses should start implementing better practices. Rather leaving the systems in a compromised state and ignoring the regular system updates to fix the vulnerabilities available in software, organisations should associate with a reliable cyber-security service provider like us (Server Consultancy).

With our years of expertise in IT support and consultancy services, we ensure the organisations for the safety of their business data in the best way. We conduct various practices to determine that no cyber-attacker can harm the business by stealing the critical data from the system. Moreover, with regular backups of the systems, we make sure our customers do not become prey of the ransomware attackers as we help them recover their business data without accepting the ransom demand.

We Server Consultancy as an outsourcing IT support provider take accountability for our client’s IT infrastructure. We have rigorous processes to prevent potential attacks. Our processes ensure that our customers and their organisations should always feel safe and secure during their association with us.

If your business has so far taken the easy route of keeping ageing, unsupported IT systems, I would strongly advise speaking to the IT specialists before it’s too late.

After all, how much business are you losing from the odd down-time you currently experience? And how catastrophically damaging will it be to your business if your clients’ data was compromised?

We offer London-based organisations a free IT audit to give you a health-check of your IT – feel free to send me an email or call me directly – 0203 727 2000

If you’re not in the position to take advantage of our offer, please ensure the below recommendations are applied;

  • Make sure you have up-to-date software, anti-virus software, and a firewall.
  • Check whether your computer and network are securely configured. If needed, request the help of a specialist.
  • Avoid opening email attachments from unsolicited emails.
  • Create a backup
  • Identify critical assets, and enforce enhanced security
  • Training and education for end users

IT is a critical part of your business, don’t leave it to chance!

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