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Remote Desktop Services

by Sanjay Mittal on December 14th 2011

Remote Desktop Service – Working in a technology driven environment is certainly appeasing, but it has its own set of limitations. The primary one being technology breakdown that could cause the host business irrevocable loss in efficiency. This calls for a set up where any technology malfunction that arises gets resolved in no time, so as to ensure minimum loss with business productivity.

Specialised in IT and server support, UK based Server Consultancy has competent IT support solutions for businesses of all size, to help eliminate IT issues effectively and competently. We understand that your business operations cannot be paused for hours or days, in case of technology breakdown. Our reliable IT team is competent to follow the right trouble shooting steps, ensuring that the operations resume immediately and not hampering the businesses growth and success.

This makes Remote Desktop Support a vital and inevitable IT solution. It is a way by which IT issues are addressed and resolved from a remote location, without actually tampering with the servers or desktops physically. At Server Consultancy, remote desktop service, there are a host of trained IT professionals who master the art of troubleshooting IT issues remotely, in a cost effective way.

We have acquired expertise in providing quick response to clients’ requests of – Exchange server, server backup, creation of new user accounts and defining permissions, database administration, mailbox repair and recovering deleted files and emails. Our IT staff guarantees to secure clients’ encrypted communication over the Internet using VPN, and also ensures no changes to their servers or PCs.

An internet connection to be able to provide resolutions and the customers trust is all that we need to ensure the highest level of IT Support.

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