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Private Connection To Microsoft UK Data Centre Is Now Available

by Lalita Negi on November 3rd 2017

In a bid to leverage on its popularity, Microsoft is all set to deliver individual links to its customers to the organization’s UK data centers. In other words, it can be said that the software giant Microsoft would expand on UK datacentre launch to provide users with private network access to the facilities. The users can now access the software’s giant locally hosted services with the assistance of a closed network connection. By seeing the advanced security features of the locally hosted facilities, a large number of consumers are now looking forward to using this new feature launched by Microsoft. On the other hand, it is important to note that the Ministry of Defence, as well as the Met Police, is now using the private connection that is being launched by Microsoft.

The Emergence Of Azure Express Route Nowadays

In Newport, Wales Microsoft has also announced the availability of the second Express Route location. In this context, it is interesting to note that this latter place would allow Azure users to be at an advantageous position from the path diversity. The availability of private connections would always make sure that the users in the form of Met Police and Defence personnel can now correctly serve their nation. Moreover, Azure Express Route would also let the users create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that the Express Route connections usually do not go over the public internet. These types of relationships would provide the users with more reliability and faster velocity that is imperative to share a large number of data. When compared to typical internet connections, the Azure Express Route connection stands out in the crowd as it possesses more speed. Hence, the business organizations can now conduct business in a holistic manner.

Businesses Can Now Get More Secure Transfer Pathways To The Cloud

With the emergence of big data, it has become imperative for much large as well as medium-sized enterprises to store data in the cloud. It is so because a significant amount of data can be stored in the cloud. Till now, marketing used to concentrate mainly on those types of internet connections that are old fashioned. These internet connections usually sport the necessary encryption protocols in a bid to transfer data. However, the risk of moving data in these types of connections is quite high. This is the reason that a majority of business houses in the UK are opting for this newly launched offer by Microsoft. Moreover, Microsoft would also hope that this new direct service would help the consumers to ensure that they are taking proper care of their online security.

The data centres designed by Microsoft Azure would also offer the customers with their security centre in a bid to foil any attack from cyber-criminals. Moreover, this new security center would also provide an enormous amount of security as the Azure store offers thousands of open source applications and services.

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