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Newly Introduced Security Features in Windows Server 2016!

by Lalita Negi on April 7th 2017

With every passing day, we get to know about evolving cyber issues that are making things harder for IT businesses to safeguard their applications and data. Though to give more control over security, Microsoft seems to look quite conscious as the company has enhanced its security features of Windows Server 2016 and other products. The skilled cyber hackers are perfectly aware of the ways to access the safest aspect of admin credentials.

Being undetected for a while, they manages to hack the whole environment at a highly critical situations. So, it is quite clear that the risk is growing with digital environments unless they get the hardware-rooted features of security such as physical servers. Therefore, breaking up the virtual server security has become a way easier as the attacker can easily copy the domain controller SQL and VMs in the flash drive and then, can run away.

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Luckily, Microsoft knows all of these modern security issues and it is a reason, they have enhanced the new security features in Windows Server 2016. These new safety layers are made to grow the tries or efforts to access the system by the hacker. Still, if he succeeds in breaching the security, the damage will be minimum.

Let’s Discuss New Security Features Of Windows Server 2016:

Adding More Security To Admin Credentials

Pass the Hash attacks is known as the most famous method to get admin credentials from a weak virtual server by a hacker. So, to avoid these attacks, the new security features of windows server 2016 includes credential guard that features single sign-in; hence, eradicates the requirement to pass on the admin credentials to RDP host.

Safeguarding The Server & On Time Respond

For servers, the malware can be highly dangerous. Mainly, if it comes as Ransomware. For controlling it, the device guard of windows server enables an only set of pre-determined binary commands to execute on server. This way, it protects the server from all kinds of malware attacks. The feature Control Flow Guard prevents all sorts of memory corruption of the server and thus, helps to stop ransomware attacks. The server capabilities are limited to whatever is required at a certain point to minimise the surface attack.

Discovers Suspicious Acts

A common way of breaching a virtual server is by attacking on the credential manager. However, the current changes in Windows Server has brought up an improved logging to the monitor like intrusions. The highly critical process of the window server is supervised by Microsoft Operations Management Suite which keeps a log for the process.

Server Technology Virtualization While reducing Security Breach Issues

As Microsoft understands that the previous virtual machine generation was not ideal and perfect with security features, they have made it assured that the drawbacks are worked out while making second generation of the virtual machines. So, the new package of VMs are fully encrypted with Bitlocker. They come with their virtual TPM. In addition, there is another great service namely Host Guardian Service which checks whether every associated host with that server is safe, before you migrate the server.

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