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Microsoft Teams: Things that make it Indispensable for Your Business

by Lalita Negi on December 7th 2018

If you run a business, you very well understand how tough it is to run a business these days. Competition is fierce and you need to do so much more in order to stay on top. One thing that, most of you will agree, has become essential for every business today is to keep a close watch on the latest in technology and to incorporate it as soon as possible to keep ahead of the competition. Today time is money and you have to make the most of every single second. Microsoft Teams is one such thing that can help you and your staff minimise wastage of time thereby significantly increasing productivity.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams has been designed by Microsoft to give your workers most comprehensive “chat based workspace” where they can collaborate with each other and create, edit, and share documents, files, videos, and pictures with ease to achieve common goals in assignments and projects.There is a Lot that You Can Do and Achieve with Teams

Users of Microsoft Teams can communicate with other members of their team within one window and can share a wide variety of things including a number of Office 365 apps, SharePoint, videos, images, etc. Following are the things that you can do with Teams:

  • Creating meetings and calendars using Outlook.

  • Creating, sharing, editing and even finding different types of content on OneNote, OneDrive and SharePoint.

  • Video calling team members for a virtual meeting using Skype.

  •  Sending instant messages to team members using Skype.

Extra Edge that Microsoft Teams Offers

  • Seamless integration with Office 365.

  • Simple format with one centralised hub.

  • Enhanced security features.

  • Option to add APIs and bot frameworks to work in tandem with Teams.

  • Office 365 subscribers can use it without paying anything extra.

Thoughtful Features of Teams

In order to make best possible use of Teams from the stand point of increasing productivity in a business, one needs to understand how to setup and work in Teams. Read on to know more:

Teams and Channels

First things first, when you setup Teams, you have to create a Team so that you can collaborate with your team members on assignments. Creating a new Team is easy and can be done quickly enough. You will need to name your Team and to describe it before you can add members to it. Every new team has to be created with a matching Group, Plan, OneNote and SharePoint link and hence needs to be done with extreme caution.

Channels are subsections under every Team and by default they are created under the category called General. You always have the choice of creating as many Channels as you need within a given Team.

Channel Tabs

This feature comes in very handy while using Teams. Every Channel has its own string of tabs on the top. While there are some default tabs like Conversation for starting a group chat, Notes for sharing One Note documents and Files for sharing documents, Teams allows you to create and add more tabs as per your requirement.


One of the key features of Teams, Conversation allows members of a team to have discourses and discussions that can also be saved to be used later. This is where all the work done by the team members is recorded right from the files shared to the video calls made.


There are many things that can be performed directly while remaining inside the window of Teams and perhaps the most used are creating, opening, editing, sharing, downloading or deleting of a file. You can as well move or copy a file or can share the link to it with other members of your team. Additionally, you can initialise a Group chat along with the file to get on with the work along with your team members. The conversation that you all will have about the file will appear in the Conversation thread in Teams.

Microsoft Teams is perfect for Your Business

The simple user interface and thoughtful features of Microsoft Teams make it just perfect for your business. Teams has already revolutionized the way people work and is set to incorporate more features with the passage of time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Teams is a must have for all types of businesses today including yours.

Try Microsoft Teams. You and your staff will love it for sure.

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