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Microsoft Launches Office 365 Threat Intelligence With Advanced Data Governance!

by Lalita Negi on June 9th 2017

To provide a more control over data security, Microsoft has recently launched Office 365 threat intelligence as well as advanced data governance with Advanced Threat Protection effective updates. By these launches, Microsoft has shown an effort to provide more data safety and peace of mind to businesses.

Recently, Microsoft has rolled out many latest tools for MS Office 365 to provide safety against various threats and also, encourage fulfillment capabilities with Threat intelligence which is brand new reporting feature for additional threat protection.

The new improvements also involve the ATP Safe Links extension feature that is meant to safeguard users from suspicious web-links in the emails to Excel, PowerPoint and Work for the desktop clients of Office 365 ProPlus.

What Is Advanced Data Governance

In Office 365, a new feature namely Advanced Data Governance has been introduced. This feature utilizes machine learning for helping users to find and maintain critical data while removing obsolete and redundant data which comprises of some possible threats. It offers proactive data classification and policy recommendations that encourage users to take necessary action on system notifications to flag risks, data and the potential to filter as well as migration data over Office 365.

In addition, a new interface for policy management for DLP (Data Loss Protection) is there to help the users of Office 365 to be in control and compliant with their data.

Check out the new improvements introduced recently

Office 365 threat intelligence feature is now available in the Enterprise E5 plan of Office 365 or as an individual service, pulls up Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, offer detail about various families of malware, including breach detail with the information to the actual code lines used for specific malware type.

It integrates effectively with the existing security features of Office 365 such as ATP and Exchange online protection, offering analysis on key target users, security recommendations for business and malware frequency.

So, basically, Threat Intelligence feature offers:

  • Collaborating tools to evaluate prevalence and complexity of threats practically.
  • Practical and customizable notifications of threat alert.
  • Remediation powers for doubtful content.
  • Management API expansion to highlight threat information for enabling effective integration with SIEM results.

In the security & compliance center of Office 365, the ATP reporting feature offer insights along with malware information and also spam received and sent within a company and the advanced threat detections to help discovering and stopping attacks.

The newly released interface report allows admins to plan reports that has to be sent straight to the inbox, requesting reports and also manage or download reports direct from the dashboards of Security & Compliance Center in Office 365.

The advanced data governance in Office 365 is now available by applying machine learning. It brings in following mentioned capabilities-

  • Automatic data classifications and hands-on policy recommendations that enable users to take necessary action related to data like retention or deletion throughout the lifecycle of the program.
  • The default alerts in system to discover risks associated to data governance like uncommon volume of deletion file and the power to make custom alerts by mentioning alert matching threshold and conditions.
  • The power to put on compliance control to the on-premises data through smartly filtering as well as migrating data to MS Office 365.

The Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan includes the Office 365 ADG (advanced data governance) and as per the Advanced Compliance plan of Office 365 that includes customer Lockbox and Advanced eDiscovery to offer a thorough package of extended compliance value.

So, Microsoft states extra Advanced Data Governance improvements like manual disposition, event-based retention and supervision are also on the way to be released very soon.

At last, the improved Data Loss Prevention makes it simpler to make and handle policies, easing up the process to configure and also enforce the sensible data policies throughout organization in Security & Compliance Center of Office 365.

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