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Microsoft Announces Cloud & On-Premises Offerings Price Adjustments!

by Lalita Negi on October 26th 2018

Microsoft keeps on bringing new products in the market and also introduce changes and adjustments to make its offerings suitable and affordable for consumers. To keep up this approach, Microsoft is supposed to introduce several changes around its product and program portfolio and the aim of these changes is to deliver great offers which encourage digital transformation, enhance the experience of selling and buying, and also ease up the business process with Microsoft for consumers.

For this purpose, Microsoft commits to continue this effort of executing their strategy of modern commerce by bringing some programmatic changes around VL programs. These programs specifically are meant to offer discounting and good pricing.

New Adjusted Pricing Will Appear in The Pricelists of October

On 1st Oct, 2018, Microsoft introduces an adjusted pricing for its various licensing products and programs. This adjusted pricing is made on its cloud and on-premises products. The new changes are focused on the advantages of Microsoft’s pricing for its cloud-first spectrum. It also helps the company to concentrate on the pricing structure that is customer-centric, not a product or program centric. In addition, it contributes to prepare more transparent and consistent approach towards various purchasing platforms of Microsoft.

The Changes in October Pricing Include

1)          Creating a consistent and individual initial cost across various programs supporting web direct to OLS (online services).

2)          Avoiding various volume discounts related to programs of level A – level C (Open) in its Enterprise subscription agreement, open programs, Select/Select Plus, and MPSA.

3 )          Supporting pricing of government for online and on-premises services to the least possible commercial pricing in MPSA, Open Programs, Select Plus, and EAS/EA.

4)          Offering an advanced customer price list that effectively highlights the way price for a customer had been derived in relation to the changed programmatic pricing, numerous product pricing changes which include several things as below:

Commercial prices for Office 2019 will grow 10% over existing pricing for on-premises programs.

The cost increase would include Enterprise CAL, server products, Core CAL, and Office client.

The name of the Offers of Windows 10 Enterprise will be changed. And the changed name will be as below:

1.           E3 to be called as per a user offer like Windows 10 Enterprise E3 for every user will now be Windows 10 Enterprise E3.

2.          Per device Widows 10 Enterprise E3 will now be Windows 10 Enterprise

3.           The Windows 10 Enterprise price is going to grow to become equivalent to the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 price.

4.           Microsoft is going to discontinue the per device Windows 10 Enterprise E5

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