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Microsoft 365 New Features To Enhance GDPR Compliance!

by Lalita Negi on December 1st 2017

Now with new features and power of Microsoft 365, users can ease up their GDPR compliance process. This article will give you a complete detail on this subject; so that, you can also enhance your GDPR compliance using newly introduced Microsoft 365 features.

Microsoft has recently made several announcements related to Microsoft 365 compliance and security from its Ignite conference. During these announcements, it shared an information on how new capabilities of Microsoft 365 can offer consumers a more thorough and safe solution to ease their route to compliance with GDPR that is General Data Protection Regulation.

In the beginning of this year, Microsoft introduced Office 365 Enterprise Mobility and security along with Windows in a single and updated solution named Microsoft 365 which relived companies from bearing cost and expenses of different, parted systems that had not been designed mainly as a complaint product as per current standards. So, these announcements made at Ignite get included to the current capabilities which companies are already enjoying and utilizing to safeguard and organise their users, devices and data.

Microsoft 365 Is A Trustworthy Platform Which Users Can Verify

All the organisations that take up GDPR responsibilities have extra need to showcase compliance and hence, Microsoft invests in different tools so that, companies can reach out their goals.

As a result, the Microsoft 365 consumers enjoy inbuilt compliance and security for the services, devices and apps that are being used on daily basis. Microsoft provides a great transparency with its products along with privacy with design and in-depth defence that make it the first ever enterprise cloud solution provider to improve controls required to get approval for the clauses of EU Model which is the first clauses to get ISO 27018 cloud privacy standard.

Microsoft Introduces A Compliance Manager

Achieving the complete goals of compliance by organisations is a real challenge and it is really difficult to stay updated with every regulation which matters to an organisation and to implement and define all controls. So, to sort these issues and fulfil these needs, Microsoft happily introduces a Compliance Manager which is the latest compliance solution helping one to organise all compliance posture from a place. Basically, this Compliance Manager is designed to help one to conduct live risk assessment, offering a smart scoring which reflects the exact compliance performance for data protection regulation while utilizing cloud services of Microsoft.

With new features of Microsoft 365, consumers will get a power to use inbuilt control management program and also audit-ready tools of reporting which helps enhancing and monitoring compliance posture.

Service Encryption Using Customer Key Will Be Available For General

Microsoft announced service encryption along with customer key to be available for general users as it will be helpful in regulating users showcase extra compliance controls along with managing encryption keys for Office 365 data.

Simplifying The Way To Govern Data

Companies handle ever growing amounts of critical digital data. So, by having control on this growing data, they can learn what they should keep or search as per relevancy, when required and is important for both compliance and security purposes. At present, Microsoft introduces many new features that are aimed to enhance the current set of Office 365 capabilities associated to Information Protection and Advanced Data Governance.

All types of companies should give protection to all the critical data and should make sure that it should not reach to wrong hands. Most of the employees of these companies use SaaS apps, work across various devices and create more data. Though it has made people enable to give better performance, yet it has enhanced a data loss risk. As per an estimation, 58 percent employees have unknowingly shared critical data to wrong people.

But, the Information Protection solution created by Microsoft is determined to help users classify, monitor, protect and identify the critical data – depending on the way it is shared, stored and created. By investing a lot in data protection solutions, Microsoft is ready to help people by providing more extensive protection over the whole data lifecycle. So, the main part of this vision is to give a more integrated and consistent classification, protection, labelling approach on data protection technologies, to enable a persistent safety of the data on every device and everywhere. As of now, Microsoft Cloud App security is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure information protection for categorizing as well as labelling data files that are located in cloud apps.

Finding Out Various Improvements In Advanced Data Governance

The main enhancement of advanced data governance which include Office 365 event based retention for advanced data governance which enables customers to make events which would aim the retention time of Office 365 data for consistently deal with internal commercial requirements. So, by disposing of the information in the valid manner enables companies to reduce all the risks related to compliance and security. Thus, this feature is presently available in the Universal Preview Program of standard Office 365 and for all users to try on.

Newly Introduced Capabilities Of Multi-Geo Of Office 365

Multi-Geo new capabilities of Office 365 allow the single tenant to cross several datacentre geos of Office 365 to keep data at rest and also on the basis of individual user in customer-oriented geographies. So, new Multi-Geo feature allows customers to address regional, organisational, and also local information residency needs and allows modern association experiences for global employees.

Moreover, message encryption for Office 365 is also introduced by Microsoft as new improvement which makes it simpler to share all saved emails with inside as well as outside users of a company.

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