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Learn The Severity Of Cyber Crime With MPS Falcon Booklet!

by Lalita Negi on June 8th 2018

This is a time when most of the businesses rely on the worldwide web to run operations, communication and for business prosperity. The technology has opened up many opportunities for businesses to grow, yet it also gives cybercriminals way outs to conduct potential crimes. Therefore, it becomes important for every business owner to be aware of possible cyber-crimes and its severity for them. For this purpose, Metropolitan Police Service introduces Falcon that describes various aspects related to cyber-crime.

What Is The Need Of Learning The Seriousness Of Cyber-Crime

As businesses of modern time have limited resources with unsettled economic conditions, they give more preference and value to development and innovation than to risk mitigation and online security. Though the issues related to online security often prove to be time consuming, complex and expensive. Therefore, it is vital to assess and learn these aspects before it is too late. Companies must learn various risks associated to the World Wide Web and cyber-attacks.

Every business that uses the internet for various operations like interacting with customers, taking orders and processing orders etc. has to be aware of these risks if it does not want to face any huge crisis at a later stage.

Cyber Criminals Attack Thousands Of Systems Every Day

You must be shocked to learn that cybercriminals attack thousands of devices on which businesses run operations daily. These criminals take benefit of the digital world to hack, cheat or even steal whenever they get such opportunities. They spread their activity on various businesses at one time and whenever any of their attacks get succeeded, it results in the devastating impact on the business. Sometimes, their attack causes reputational damage, but sometimes it is financial damage that may become a reason for the complete failure of a business.

Which Business Aspects Are On The Target

If we talk about the aspects which are usually get targeted by the cyber-criminals, then the list comprises of many things. It can be your money, your company data, your reputation of the business, IT equipment, Intellectual property, IT services like payment systems, website etc. Following mentioned a complete detail of the targeted aspects that are quite prone to cyber-criminal activities.

           Business data – Cyber criminals target business data in many forms. It sometimes includes the information of clients or personal information of business customers or partners. Apart from this kind of information, it also includes payment information, confidential information of the company and details of the products. The hackers can affect this data on every device. May it be stored on any IT system, laptop, computer, smartphone, in the cloud or anywhere.

           Financial Loss – Some hackers target bank accounts or business financial aspects. As most of the businesses use the internet banking or digital money to make payment or accept payments, it becomes easy for hackers to steal money. Therefore, a financial loss can be another big thing to worry related to cyber-crime.

           Other Losses – Apart from data or financial losses, some hackers target the intellectual property and reputation of the company that leads to huge loss or negative impact on the image of the company.

So, these are few common aspects that often get targeted by online criminals. To avoid these activities to affect you, it is mandatory to explore cyber-crime and related incidents in a detailed manner.

Just remember that the cases of cyber-crimes have become quite common these days and if you do not want your business to suffer from such activities, you can take help from the practical information available in the FALCON booklet at

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