IT Security

by Sanjay Mittal on August 5th 2014

IT Security
Modern businesses, both big and small, hold a large amount of data and must think carefully about how they are protected against a myriad of threats. While using online systems has greatly streamlined the way in which firms operate, it has also made them targets for cybercriminals. A loss of data can have a devastating effect to both a company's ability to trade as well as its reputation so IT security is not something that should be looked at as an afterthought.

by Sanjay Mittal on August 5th 2014

Thankfully, IT security professionals such as ourselves are on hand to provide appropriate controls that will safeguard vital data by ensuring that any threats are identified and fended off.

Server Consultancy prides itself on being one of the UK’s leading Network Infrastructure IT Security experts.

What We Offer

Our professional team is well trained on all aspects of LAN, WAN, Security and IP Telephony and has experience in working with all major network vendors, including IBM, Nortel, Cisco, HP and 3Com.

Our network support service not only protects your company’s data and network from breaches, it also helps your staff to actively safeguard important information. We have a large number of satisfied clients across London and our reputation is second to none.

The service we provide covers five key solutions; Vulnerability Scanning, Patch and Update Management, Firewall Setup and Maintenance, Intrusion Detection and the development of policies and procedures.

Why Choose Server Consultancy?

Viruses and worms are regularly adapted so that they can penetrate networks. At Server Consultancy, we follow these developments very carefully and ensure that our clients are constantly protected.

With more than a decade of experience behind us, we are IT Security experts in security. Our engineers know the strategies that really work and will endeavour to block out threats before they get anywhere near your firm’s important data.

Contact us today for IT Security and we can talk you through all the things you should be concerned about and how can assist you.

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