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Files App In iOS 11 Receives OneDrive Support From Microsoft!

by Lalita Negi on April 13th 2018

Introduced last year in June, 2017 by Microsoft, OneDrive support for files app in iOS 11 has already arrived and Apple users have certainly got used to it so far. But, if you are not much familiar to this Microsoft offering, then this information will definitely add some knowledge. So, by introducing OneDrive to users, Microsoft has made it simpler for them to easily access their files and with this aim, it keeps on introducing better features to ensure you get the best experience over OneDrive. Considering various devices and platforms, Microsoft keeps on inventing new advancements in its products.

If you already use OneDrive, then you would be knowing that it supports several capabilities of iOS like OneDrive for iMessage, Apple Pencil, support for split screen and Share extension on iPad.

Introduction of Files App During WWDC

At WWDC, Apple introduced a new Files app for iOS 11. After being familiar with this app, Microsoft introduced OneDrive support to this new iOS app. The OneDrive support will work on its capabilities of file management. This integration of OneDrive with Files app makes it more convenient for users to access contents from their Apple devices and provides a flawless experience for file management on iOS for SharePoint and OneDrive sites.

Presently, we already have got this support in the latest iOS 11 as Microsoft has added OneDrive support to Files app in iOS along with several other features like co-authoring, drag and drop feature and list view to help users find their files easily. In addition, Microsoft has included some features to teams of Slack Competitor such as a power to include interactive cards into chats from apps.

More About OneDrive iOS 11 Support

For the users of Office 365, having a power to drag and drop various contents from SharePoint, OneDrive and iMessage into presentations, documents and Excel sheets is truly an advantageous thing. To make this feature possible, the iOS 9 Split View feature contributed a lot. Using Files app of Apple, one can also save a file that you have created directly in OneDrive from Office. Visually, OneDrive features a support for many other types of file along with thumbnails for over 130 types of file; hence it makes it convenient to search the required file by scrolling through your list view.

Along with OneDrive, Outlook has also received an upgrade for iOS users. After this upgrade, it becomes easy to surface or search across the databases of your company for travel itineraries, contacts, package deliveries etc.

As per Apple, Microsoft is still putting effort to include new options for making things easier for users. Presently, it allows users to co-author their presentations, Excel and document on iOS, allowing them to get more collaboration for better working.

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