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Expert Review On Gen 9 ProLiant DL380 Servers Of HP!

by Lalita Negi on February 3rd 2017

For featuring versatility, the HP Gen 9 ProLiant DL380 servers have received an enormous response from the users and has become the top-selling server of HP of the time. Here, we are going to present the expert review on ProLiant Servers with G9 DL380 and this review will tell you the real reason behind the increasing success of this HP product.

The ProLiant Servers with G9 DL380 has undergone a thorough redesign process and the end solution has come in the form of highly scalable system which enables the businesses to spend money only on the required things and keep space for further upgrades. First of all, in this server, HP has streamlined this product by dumping the P and E models of Generation 8.

So, now the choices for the processor are simplified, though the HP Gen 9 ProLiant DL380 still backs 22 from E5 2600 v3 line. This way, the users can conveniently set up the specs as well as the price of hardware to the workload. In this server, the DDR4 fast memory is being supported; however, the storage options and energy efficiency are also enhanced.

Drastic Storage Overhaul

The support systems are revamped with the embedded B140i Smart Array which backs 10 SATA hard-drives and also RAID5 arrays. The addition of P440ar Smart Array card provides support for 12Gbps SAS. The mezzanine form indicates that there won’t be any loss of a slot for PCI-Express. In addition, the FBWC 2GB is additional and the new high-performance 96W LI-Ion battery safeguards the contents inside.

The clearest change in this version is landed to its front panel that features 8+8+8 configuration which allows users to include 8 SFF hard-drive blocks when needed. It has a P440ar controller to support 26SFF hard drives and the additional SAS expanders of HP is meant for no requirement of using additional RAID Cards when one exceeds 8 hard-drives.

Now, the question is what will be the use of another 2 SFF hard drives. So, HP has now revamped its PSUs and has made it 20% smaller which fit at its back side by side. Thus, the space available above them can be utilised for 2 additional hot-swap hard drives.

The chassis of this server provides support to twelve LFF drives. So, if there is no need to use a 2nd riser card, one can easily include a cage to increase the count of drives up to 15.

What More In ProLiant Servers With G9 DL380

The predecessor of Gen9 servers had been featuring FlexibleLOM networking solutions. But, this time, HP put a lot of effort to embed 4 GB ports on its motherboard. A number of the customers of Gen 8 servers had been investing in mezzanine 4 port card. Thus, it actually looks sensible to offer it as a standard option.

The Gen9 servers also feature FlexibleLOM, but here, HP has shifted the connector to its other side. So, whenever needed, you may upgrade it and HP also provides dual fibre and quad Gigabit with these servers.

Presently, it supports DDR4 768GB memory with 32GB DIMMs. Using 128GB DIMMs, it can be extended up to 3TB.

The Management Features In ProLiant Servers With G9 DL380

The iLO4 v2.0 of HP now features a devoted Gigabit port with the Federation view which handles several servers with the single system. You can place all of them in a set and can check the health status, automatic capping of power and control power.

The iLO4 offers the on-system solution and now HP has increased it to on-premises over systems insight manager and OneView. The OneView allows one to see storage networks, managed servers and also virtualized environments at a single check. Now, it is pushed to the cloud with the Insight Online application.

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