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Effective way to keep your IT support cost low

by Sanjay Mittal on February 20th 2015

Sustaining an IT support cost low seems to be the aim of many individuals today. However, most prefer to use their IT budget on software installation and also on hardware upgrades. Below we shall be discussing on 16 effective steps that can help you in keeping your IT support cost low.

  1. Install virus protection and anti-malware protection on all of your computers this helps keeps the computer faster and also protects the computer. Fortunately, it only takes few minutes to install anti-malware and virus protection in a small office and the cost of licensing is very reasonable an affordable. It also helps to reduce the support cost and lowers the risk of infection and crashes. Some example of virus protection and anti-malware: BitDefender, Malwarebytes, Microsoft NOD32, Security Essentials, etc.
  2. Install virus and spam protection at the server level. This help in preventing work-disrupting malwares and viruses from getting to your network. This is also a perfect solution to productivity issues developed when employees visits social media during working hours.Some Examples are: Vircom WebQuarantine, Websense, Barracuda Spam Firewall, Microsoft Forefront, etc.
  3. Ensure to always check power plug. This might sound silly, but sometimes cables might be knocked or twisted loose while things are moved around. This can lead to slow response of computer components like the keyboard or mouse (until it is plugged back in).
  4. Eradicate Employees Local Administrator Rights. By giving local administrator right to employees enables malware and viruses to interfere with processes that can cause damage to data and also the operating system.
  5. Replace your desktop computers on a 5 years cycle. Changing your desktop computers keep you updated on secure computers, and keep all of your employees on the fastest working speed. When you get a new pc ensure to put a reminder on when it was bought and when it ought to be changed.
  6. Purchase small form-factor on desk computers. Big heavy Desktop computers sitting right on the floor will get filled up with dust and carpet fibers in a short time. This clogs up the computer’s fans and damages the hardware. This can be prevented by using small on-desk computers.
  7. Regulate on PC configurations. If all computers in an office are identical, makes it easy to be centrally managed and changed much faster if it exhibits problems.
  8. Use updated operating system and application, and apply all updates. Being updated on security updates blocks every possible passage that hackers can use in getting into your computer.
  9. Allow Remote Support. This help save support time by enabling a support engineer to immediately reach and troubleshoot your computer with no drive time charges for on-site support.
  10. Outsource your desktop support to a local IT support provider. Outsourcing your desktop support saves more on cost there are IT support provider that charges less when compared to the cost of a full time IT worker and you only pay for the time they are actually working. “Going local” having someone close by for difficult support issues that actually require an on-site visit.
  11.  Regular change of password. Regular change in password helps prevent hackers from guessing or capturing your password and breaking in.
  12.  Don’t concede to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. If you seek flexibility in this area, then you need to create a “choose your own device” policy and set up a company own device that soothes the employee choice but with the same policies and server-based that is used on every company device. This helps in reducing the risk of data theft, and fights against the introduction of malware to your network which can be caused by an infested BYOD device not properly kept by the company.
  13. Educate your employees more on protecting their files, email safety and proper computer usage. Educated workforce is likely to stay out of trouble. This is much easy to implement, and brings in benefits in form of reducing work-disrupting IT problems.
  14.  Regular IT maintenance luckily, regular IT maintenance only takes lesser time to complete and easily discover computer problems before they can actually destroy the computer system. Make sure IT consultant perform computer updates monthly.
  15.  Use a power surge protector sudden crashes caused by loss in power or excess power supply can lead to failure of the hardware and this could suddenly damage the computer. It is advisable to use a power surge protector.
  16.  Assign a Support Manager or an internal Support Contact when outsourcing. This helps put a person in charge of maintenance scheduling, management tasks and working with outsourced IT support. Every employee knows whom to consult in terms of IT
  17. Lower Support Costs equals a More Productive Workforce.  By the reduction of support costs, there is increase in your company day to day activity and the money saved can be used in purchasing more servers, more storage space, faster network/Internet access, etc. 

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