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Difference Between Office 365 Staged and Office 365 Cutover Migration !

by Lalita Negi on March 23rd 2018

we are trying to explain difference between Office 365 Staged and Office 365 Cutover Migration. With around 20% employees from all enterprises using Office 365 applications, now this Microsoft office 365 suite has become the most famous cloud application available in the market. In recent time, this adoption of Office 365 service among enterprises has tripled and that too at a very high speed. Though migrations of Office 365 have got a great reputation among the IT segment as a huge undertaking. Still in several cases, businesses have to struggle a lot while dealing with some certain challenges in office 365 Migrations.

Some common challenges related to Office 365 migrations include quality of data maintenance, making hybrid solutions and training woes during critical migrations such as SharePoint. Knowing the difference between cutover and staged migration is a good way to learn the best path for migration.

Office 365 Migration Can Be A Simple Process

Migration to Office 365 is actually a multi-phased job. For several companies, having a good plan in hand needs technical support and consulting. If you are familiar with the support documentation of Microsoft, then you would agree as it also talks about several paths for perfect migration and several considerations in its planning process.

In the beginning, every person would find it confusing on choosing the best migration solution – cutover migration or staged migration. Moreover, there is another choice of Hybrid migration. Check out following mentioned information on the difference between staged migration and cutover migration to find out the best choice for you.

Office 365 Cutover Migration

When we talk about the simplest approach of Office 365 migration, cutover migration comes at first. The process includes a single transition in which all mailboxes get migrated to Office 365 network. In this process, RPC or IMAP on HTTP is being used. The migration can take several days of time. For customers having less than thousand to two thousand email users and who use Microsoft Outlook should use cutover migration. Office 365 Cutover Migration is very popular among small businesses.

Office 365 Staged Migration

The technical aspects in staged migration is same as that of cutover migration; however, it requires one to make process in different batches. For customers having small or moderate quantity of email users or use newer versions of Exchange Server from 2007 should use staged migration for moving on Office 365.

Finding The Best From Staged & Cutover Migration

Finally, the ideal approach for a company depends on various factors including cultural, business and technical. If you go through the guidelines provided by Microsoft, it includes technical recommendations and requirements both. The guiding technical factors that can be helpful in selecting the best approach include mailbox users number, volume of mailbox data, Non-exchange email network usage, and version of exchange server that you use.

In addition, cultural factors are also considered as a great contributor in deciding the right migration choice. These factors include quality support a company needs to prepare end users and IT professionals, the help of third-party solutions that help to ease the process and budget. Other business requirements like internal deadlines related to complete transition to the cloud can also influence your decision in selecting the best Office 365 migration choice.

At last, we must say that a smartly planned migration of Office 365 can help you reducing various risks to your business, enhance the satisfaction of end users and would help your company to enjoy the advantages of Microsoft cloud solution.

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