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Comparison Of Office 365 Subscription

by Lalita Negi on October 5th 2018

As most of you know, Office 365 is a cloud-based product of Microsoft which provides various software and services to its users. The term ‘365′ in the name suggests that it can be used for most everyday applications. Various office applications that run on mobile, tablet etc as well as windows and mac systems such as word, excel, powerpoint etc come under it. Other online services such as cloud-based email, communication systems, collaboration features etc also can be counted as a part of Office 365 suite.

Various Applications Of Microsoft Office 365

There are several editions of Office 365 available for purchase on Microsoft official site, and instead of a one-time lifetime license, now it comes as a subscription package. The main benefit due to this is that now customers don’t have to upgrade at a cost for new packages and can get them alongside with the due upgrades for free.

Office 365 comparison


comparison office 365


There are many applications that you can avail depending upon the package of Microsoft Office 365 you have taken a subscription of. Most common applications include Outlook, word, powerpoint, OneNote and more. This is just a general list of application that you may get if you buy the office 365 subscription. Depending upon your subscription you may get some applications which are not present in others, and some not which may be present in others.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud-Based Services

Essentially, its a cloud-based service provider due to which many people prefer it for its online services rather than the office suite it provides. Especially for catering to the needs of businesses and enterprises, office 365 provides many cloud-hosted services.

1.           First and foremost, it provides collaboration with file storage and sharing in association with OneDrive for Business.

2.           Next, its associated with Skype for Business such that you can make use of Skype’s Instant messaging service, audio and video conferencing online with it.

3.           Then you can manage your email and manage your schedule with Exchange online.

4.           Sharepoint Online is also included in it for the purpose of intranet web hosting.

5.           If you feel the need for social networking via your enterprise, then you can make the use of Yammer.

Apart from all the above, there are many collaborative and productivity enhancement features included in it such as groups, team, planner etc. You can read more about it on Microsoft’s official website for Office 365.

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