by Sanjay Mittal on August 5th 2014

Cloud storage Server services
Cloud storage Servers give you instant computing power, serving your applications with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Deploy one to hundreds of cloud servers instantly, for as long (or little) as you need them. Data stored on Cloud Servers is available 24 hours 7 days a week with 100% uptime with great bandwidth.

by Sanjay Mittal on August 5th 2014

  • Scalable, dynamic storage. Use as much or little as you want and only pay for what you use.
  • Manage files through our online control panel or programmatically through our REST API. Access through Jungle.
  • Store files as small as a few bytes or as large as 5GB.
  • Serve files publicly at blazing speeds through Limelight Networks CDN technology.

Files stored in Cloud provide you and your applications unlimited online storage for media – items like backups, video files, or user content. In an industry first, you can deliver that content to your users at blazing speeds over Limelight Networks.

  • Full root access and rebooting
  • Choice of Linux distro
  • Dedicated IP address & Tier-1 redundant bandwidth
  • RAID-10 disk storage
  • Reserved RAM
  • 4-core servers running Xen virtualization instances
  • Slice host management portal for reboots & software installs
  • 24×7 live tech support for end users
  • Website traffic encryption with SSL
  • high-performance storage space

Contact us if you have any cloud based storage requirement and we will be happy to assist.

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