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Changes Introduced In Office 365!

by Lalita Negi on February 23rd 2018

Last week, Microsoft introduced us with various new updates and announcements which we are going to highlight here. So, let’s read on what are those announcements for Office 365 users that will make changes in operations.

Jan 16 – Changes made to the pages of SharePoint Online by Microsoft

It was announced that Microsoft is making few changes to the pages of SharePoint Online having experience of a classic user. A change in default document mode to each classic page is made and making it the Edge Mode, rather making IE (internet Explorer) 10 mode. Though the websites that have a disabled modern list experience or custom theming at tenant or site level, will not receive these changes. This SharePoint Online change will be launched on February 14, and will be done by the last week of February.

Jan 16 – Yammer’s Move Conversations

Office 365 has got a new feature namely Move Conversations which was supposed to launch by last week of January.

Jan 16 – A New Feature – Files Restore Coming To OneDrive For Business

Now, OneDrive for Business has received a new feature namely Files Restore. After having this feature, if any of the files stored in OneDrive gets corrupted, deleted or even effected by virus, the files restore feature will come for your rescue by enabling you to restore OneDrive at the previous time. Each act performed on OneDrive for Business can be undo using Files Restore feature within a period of 30 days.

Jan 16 – SharePoint Enhanced Search Experience

Microsoft has updated an enhanced search experience feature in SharePoint and this updated feature will be rolled out very soon.

Jan 17 – Announcement Emails To Be Received By Pending Users – An Updated Feature

Now, group admins of Yammer have a power to contact pending users through their announcement emails and similarly, pending users will also be displaying in the member list of the group.

Jan 17 – Microsoft Forms – Updated Feature

It is a major update from Microsoft with which Microsoft Forms will be disappear from Preview and they will appear with your company. Basically, Forms is a lightweight, simple app that allows users to make quizzes, puzzles, polls and make surveys.

Jan 18 – Monthly updates for Office 2016 features for Office 365

Now, the subscribers of office 365 ProPlus suite will receive newly released features for various apps of Office regularly with monthly updates from Microsoft.

Jan 20 – SharePoint News Collaboration With Microsoft Teams Chat

Now, SharePoint News collaboration with Microsoft Teams chat is a new Office 365 feature.

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