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Arrival Of The New Data Protection Laws

by Lalita Negi on October 6th 2017


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which came into the limelight to organize the data protection in the proper manners with the bunch of legal protocols and standards for EU citizens. In simple words, GDPR is a package of rules to be used for Europe’s data protection.

Need of GDPR:

This is the digital era and we all are living a digital life now days. The user has a trust on the company or any organization and allows them to use the personal information. Personal data can be the photos, bank details, social media posts, and emails etc. If that data goes to the cybercriminals then it can damage the user’s trust along with the organization’s reputation and will become a great risk factor. So, for protecting the users and the organizations for those risks EU has raised a new regulation of data protection which is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Impacts of GDPR

GDPR is all for the EU companies and the organizations which are handling the data of EU citizens in various forms. It will leave the impacts not only on the IT companies but also on the others, such as security, sales and marketing etc because GDPR will come with a great range of repercussion.

Each company will have to follow the regulations which are going to be a part of it. An organization will have to create a collaboration between the various departments with General Data Protection officer to take care of storing the personal data of the user.

All the regulations will be applied throughout the process of collecting the information of the user and the violation of the rules can be harmful to the concerns.

Guidelines to be followed

Identification and training of data protection officers.

Appointment of the data protection officer is must follow the entire guidelines and the new requirements of GDPR. A DPO (data protection officer) will take care of the regulations for data protection within the entire process, especially if you are monitoring and handling the data of individuals or any sensitive data.

DPO will train your organization about the data protection laws and advise the employees to follow the guidelines in proper manners so that they could be able to manage the data protection activities.

Reporting data breaches

It will raise a new requirement for the organization to notify the data breach reports to any concern government officer and to the users. Notifying the stakeholders about data breach is must as per the new requirements of GDPR.

Notification of the inaccurate data to other organization.

In the running business processes, if your organization or any individual is sharing the incorrect data with another company then according to the new guidelines of GDPR 2018, you will have to notify the other company about that incorrect data on the immediate priority.

You need to follow the steps to fulfill this guideline:

  • Documentation of the data you hold.
  • Information of the data source.
  • Who shared that data with you.

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