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5 Proven Tips To Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks!

by Lalita Negi on November 18th 2016

Cyber security is one of the most critical issues for modern businesses. Today, all businesses have made their presence on the internet. But, due to cyber-attacks, they don’t get successful in maintaining their position in a business for a long run. So, it is no wrong to say that cyber-attacks are the biggest stepping stone in the development of businesses. It is because they affect the sustainability and flawless growth of companies in many ways. Therefore, cybersecurity grabs the highest attention from businesses as they keep on finding strong solutions or it support company to keep security breaches away from affecting their companies.

We have brought 5 proven tips that will surely help your business from all sorts of cyber-attacks. So, just read on and follow them to safeguard your business from data breach or all other cyber-attacks.

  • Grow Awareness In Your Employees

First of all, you should educate your company employees about different kinds of cyber-attacks. Tell them that these attacks can be done in any form like email, attachment or even links which resemble like any normal business request. It just one click away to enter your system and infiltrate your critical data. So, ensure that all the employees in your company are perfectly aware of these attacks. They should be aware of the way to detect the suspicious links or phishing emails. Hence, their right knowledge can do a wonderful job in keeping your business free from cyber-attacks.

  • Determine That Your Hosting Service Provider Has Backup Of Your Data

When you need hosting services, make sure to hire a reliable company only which should have expertise in web security and email security. Ensure to check they take your data security on a serious note.

  • Always Get A Secure Solution For Ecommerce

A number of hosted carts such as BigCommerce, Shopify or 3Dcart have undergone compliance audits for PCI. The majority of these carts are Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant that means they get complete staff patching vulnerabilities for security that give businesses enough time to do crucial tasks and market the business and brand.

  • Install SSL Encryption

To ensure high security of your business from all sorts of cyber-attacks, the idea of installing SSL/HTTPS encryption to your website works amazingly. So, make sure each of the transaction on the site should be protected with SSL/HTTPS. To have this feature, ensure to choose an eCommerce solution that supports SSL secure transactions. It is a great way to perform safe financial transactions on the websites as it reduces the risk of sensitive information to be sent in the form of plain text.

The best idea is to determine that not just payment gateway, but the entire website should be protected with SSL certificate. By doing so, your website will get more attention from Google while passing over the web. That means the better ranking.

  • Ensure Your Site Is Compliant With PCI DSS

A PCI DSS compliant E-commerce site secures the merchants against all types of digital security data breach through all payment networks.

So, these cyber security tips are great as professionals use them to make their businesses safe from all types of cyber-crimes.  To get more help related to it support & services contact Server Consultancy through email

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