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5 Important Security Tips To Control Office 365 Data Loss!

by Lalita Negi on July 28th 2017

The safety of your important data comes at the highest priority. Microsoft Office 365 is integrated with a feature for data loss which amazingly safeguards the data. As per research, four out of ten companies today are utilizing as well as planning to enhance this application. So, it is not surprising that Microsoft has assumed it crucial to improve its safety measures for each and every user of this application.

Sadly, even with some safety tools as well as compliance updates, there are few safety concerns that are yet present. Though you do not need to suffer from safety issues. Do not leave your safety concerns as it is, but follow our 5 important tips to control your data loss from Office 365.

Email Encryption Is Must

A number of companies today have implemented their data policies which clearly prevent their employees from circulating the personal or sensitive data of their customers. However, it is not a greatly trust-worthy solution as there are some alternative solutions available to go with. Companies can now go by encrypting their classified emails. It will not just safeguard the information; however, forbids it from going out from the company.

Furthermore, the files that contain data like credit card or security details should never be shared. To determine a successful encryption, employees must be aware of various methods of data safety.

Tips For Policy Creation

By creating new policies, one can easily establish a new system which would certainly satisfy the needs of an organisation. For example, workers can get guidance from the policy tips at any point of time they need to send messages. The detection report can also efficiently block messages which carry confidential information.

From the compliance center of Microsoft Office 365, these policy tips can easily be directed and it ensures for quality data protection. The DLP that is data loss prevention policy is designed to control impending loss of data and enhance user awareness on the way to prevent security risks.

Take Benefit Of Inbuilt Mobile Device Manage Options

Office 365 has made it quite possible for users to keep their business applications and personal applications separate from each other. This power will make you able to design relevant policies for device security, stop unauthorised users to access any business data from phone and wipe away data. In addition, using right protocols, you can protect each and every application of Office 365.

Office 365 equips a Wizard-based easy to use setup which enables one to maneuver or check each and every device linked to Microsoft Office 365.

Enable Multifactor User Authentication Feature

As current cyber-attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, it becomes quite difficult to protect your data with a single password. So, to stop account breach activity, it is vital to switch on the multifactor authentication feature of Office 365 for all. It would provide an extra step for identity check and would also stop user data violation. The cyber attackers would find it highly tough to maneuver this authenticated system. This method will give you a guarantee of being protected all the time.

Prevent Calendar Sharing Anonymously

The Office 365 users are allowed to share calendar with others. Some people think it a ridiculous measure of data loss prevention, yet it has to be taken very seriously. For example, if you are a CEO of a company and you like to share calendar, then cyber-attackers may conduct a reconnaissance for your company before conducting their attack on your data. With public calendars, these attackers learn the way a company functions and ensure users who they think are vulnerable. So it should never be disregarded.

Final Words

With Microsoft Office 365, subscribers get a certain amount of free while sharing their important information within their workflow to make it efficient. However, sometimes, this freedom turns to be risky. To determine that the protection measures of data loss work, it is highly recommended to learn the entire gamut of user behaviour and attitudes that work collaboratively in an organisation. This is the only way to discover adequate security steps to be taken.

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