Quick Response

We at Server Consultancy, promise an initial Quick Response to any IT Support issues within 15-20 minutes of receiving a call or email. Being situated in London enables us to be with you in record times. This further ensures no loss of time and business, due to downtime issues.

This is IT Support Quick Response Picture with 3 white manOne of the things we take pride is, our support staff being agile, flexible and providing a quick response time to any requirement coming from business. The team is motivated and task oriented. They commit to deliver and ensure smooth running of your business. In the competitive environment of the service industry, customer’s expectations are getting increasingly demanding every day. We strive to provide quality and timely delivery of the commitments to live up to the expectations, already created by the good work in previous projects.

Not only do we respond to IT Support issues, but we also operate on proactive basis. Our fully certified team of Microsoft IT experts, keep a close eye on your networks at all times. This means, we often spot and rectify any IT problems, before you even notice them.

We also offer remote IT Support as well as onsite visits throughout London. The IT team has the ability to often fix any problems you may be experiencing, just by accessing your servers remotely.

A 24 hour IT Support helpline is also available for corporates that operate outside office hours. Telephone support tends to be extremely effective at any time of the day. We offer a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit.

Our latest statistics at Server Consultancy show that 95% of IT Support issues are resolved by our support professionals within 15 minutes.

Put your trust in our quick response time for all your IT Support needs. As a result, get your downtimes to an absolute minimum.