Small Business Server

Small Business Server

We are experts in Microsoft Windows Small Business Server ( SBS ) deployments & Support. Either it is SBS 2003 or SBS 2011 , Server Consultancy is willing to assist you and make the most of your IT investment. With Microsoft SBS servers, we aim at meeting the network infrastructure needs of small businesses effectively and flawlessly, to help ensure their business success, unparalleled growth and profit making.

Small Business ServerYour Microsoft Small Business Server Support is vital for smooth operations and survival of your business and we know what it takes to run a business on a day to day basis and how important it is to have your Small business server fully operational at all times. We are one stop shop for all your small business server support needs. 

Server Consultancy Ltd. has dedicated expertise in Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Deployments and we make it our business to ensure yours run smoothly. Many small and medium sized business in London, rely wholly on their servers being in optimum condition at all times. With interruptions to your servers, productivity drops, money is lost and your clients suffer in turn – not a great formula for a successful business. With our involvement, you can make small business server problems a thing of the past, and look forward to a business that can run on all cylinders 24/7.

Designed and priced for small businesses with up to 75 users, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard delivers enterprise-class server technology in an affordable, all-in-one solution. SBS 2011 Standard helps protect your business information from loss by performing automatic daily backups.

Additionally, it allows users to be more productive with features such as e-mail, Internet connectivity, internal websites, remote access, and file and printer sharing.

Exchange 2010 (included) enables users to easily access e-mail, contacts, and calendar to connect with their clients, vendors and suppliers seamlessly from virtually anywhere.

Here is what we can offer:

  • Help you to deploy Small Business Servers that will help to safeguard your important data.
  • Configure Built in Firewall Protection and  Password Protection
  • Configure Automatic Data Backup
  • Central storage of your data, for ease of sharing between users
  • Increased Savings
  • Increased Productivity

Server Consultancy Ltd. is a quality-driven organization committed to continuous improvement. Our goal is to help you quickly avoid and resolve problems or questions, ensuring availability of the systems and applications upon which your business depends.

So if you are a small or medium sized business and are in need of Small Server Business Support in London, then give us the opportunity to add value and assist you with your IT needs to reach the desired goals.