Web Filtering

Sever Consultancy in partnership with  Symatec Cloud  Services, operates at the internet level to monitor or block URLs and to intercept viruses and spyware, protecting your network and remote users. The two key security features include;

Web Filtering• Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus stops web-borne spyware and viruses before they infiltrate your network, protecting your business from information theft and costly diminished network performance.

• URL filtering enables you to block access to unwanted websites by URL, allowing you to control Internet use and enforce acceptable Internet usage policies, to increase user productivity and efficiency during working hours.

Why Web Security Services?

Our Web Security service is a managed service where all the malware scans and web filtering is performed at the internet level at our vast network of data centers. Web Security Services can be quickly deployed and configured with the usage policies you require. Some of the advantages that cannot be overlooked are:

• Acceptable use policies can be enforced and bandwidth can be preserved.
• Helps ensure safe browsing.
• Maintains consistency, so the same policies and protection are applied to all employees.
• Full visibility and accountability of web use amongst your employees.
• Continuous protection and filtering is always in place – no system updates required.

Web Security Service- How it works?

To ensure the safety and integrity of your network, all web traffic requests pass through the MessageLabs platform, hosted in secure, high-performance Data Centers around the world. Web traffic is monitored and balanced globally, delivering both speed and stability and ensuring that you experience no noticeable delay as you browse the internet.

•Users’ web traffic requests, made inside or outside the corporate network pass through the Messagelabs platform, hosted in secure data centres worldwide.

•Each request is checked against your acceptable use policy, determining whether it is blocked or allowed to pass. Different rules can be applied to different user groups, individuals, or times of day.

•If a request is allowed to pass, the relevant web page or file download is scanned for viruses and spyware by Sceptic™ and multiple third party technologies.

•If a virus or spyware is identified, access to the web page is denied.

As with all products, our hosted Web Security service includes 24x7x365 support.