Instant Messaging Security

Instant Messaging SecuritySymantec Enterprise Instant Messaging Security  is a secure and private IM network that enables you to harness IM to facilitate real-time communication, collaboration and information sharing between in-house employees, remote workers and business partners, without the risk posed by public IM systems.

Enterprise Instant Messaging Security is a managed service. This provides enterprise level IM for business use. EIM service can be set up in minutes and requires no hardware.

All EIM communications remain private and secure by using TLS to fully encrypt all messages and file attachments exchanged between authorised users and preventing unauthorised access, tampering or interception.

• A Professional Online Desktop (POD) is downloaded to the desktops of all authorised users or pushed to the user base using MSI  technology
• Each authorised user has access to a totally private IM network based on TLS encrypted tunnels
• All messages and file attachments are securely encrypted
• Use of the service can be monitored via a user-friendly, web-based administration and reporting tool

As with all products, our Symantec Enterprise Instant Messaging service includes 24x7x365 support.

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