High Speed Internet

Fade up with your existing slow internet connection ? Looking for high speed internet connection in London or anywhere in England? Allow Server Consultancy to help you reach new speeds.

Broadband internet servicesHigh Speed Internet Connection for any busy London office or outside is a must have. You need to be connected at all times and need a reliable connection to ensure you never miss out on any important emails or online files. Poor Internet connections have often been the defeat of several companies.

With the onset of cloud computing, it has become all the more important to have a high speed broadband connection. Contact the support office at Server Consultancy, London and we shall provide you with all the options available. From an ordinary ADSL broadband to International private lease circuit; we are equipped with all possible solutions depending on your IT infrastructure needs.

Whether you are looking for a new high speed broadband connection or want to move from your existing supplier, Server Consultancy provides a service that enables fluent transition to production, reduces administrative effort, and enables continuous return on your investment.

We are partnered with all major broadband providers and alter services according to your business internet requirements. Most of the internet service features include:

• Un-contended Fibre Ethernet service with 99.9% Service Level Agreement
• Fully managed service with 24 x 7 award winning support service
• Cisco routers with 24 x 7 x 4hr maintenance
• Internet access as standard, MPLS private network service optional
• Optional Reporting tool to monitor your Network performance

Please click contact us and complete the website enquiry form, if you need more details on the high speed broadband offer along with a quote.