Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange 2010  and newly release Microsoft exchange server 2013 is a cost effective business class email solution that has all the messaging functionalities of Microsoft Exchange Server  but with no administration burden! Communicate with Cloud based Exchange Server and get high levels of reliability and performance.

Microsoft Exchange

Why Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange messaging solutions have enhanced capabilities in comparison to other solutions with increased collaboration, mobility and a more secure environment, which is supported 24/7/365. With Microsoft Managed Exchange as the mail server and Microsoft Outlook as your client, you can do more than just send and receive emails – they can share calendars, folders and contacts too.

These features help in improving the productivity and efficiency of business. Microsoft Outlook can be accessed using desktop or laptop computers,  Microsoft Outlook, web browsers using Outlook Web Access and mobiles using mail for Exchange. Which means, that you are always connected, no matter if you are in office, travelling or working from home. You are connected to the same Microsoft Exchange Server at all times. This ensures that your inbox stays synchronised, no matter which Outlook client you use.

When choosing managed exchange, you are assured about your email system being secured, backed up and available. The state of the art security, privacy, high reliability and performance plus outstanding administration and support, ensures you do not miss out on any important emails at any given point.

Server Consultancy offers cloud based Microsoft exchange Server support and solution which includes:

  • Robust bandwidth
  • Reducing the IT overhead of running on-site Exchange Server or Small Business Server.
  • Built in redundancy for peak performance
  • 100% network and application uptime
  • Exchange Server, network and infrastructure security
  • No need for expensive hardware installations and on-going maintenance.
  • Every email is scanned for viruses and spam before it arrives in your inbox.
  • Skilled, experienced and certified staff from Microsoft Certified partners.


The quality of service and Microsoft Exchange Server Support you receive from Server Consultancy will  guarantee a reliable business email services , whilst offloading the administration burden of your messaging system. In addition to this, you get a messaging solution that is richer, more reliable and robust than the basic web mail.