Within the current economic crisis, security of IT systems is foremost within the business concerns of the banking and financial sectors. Sensitive to the requirements of a highly secure industry, Server Consultancy is committed to providing appropriate IT solutions, from data protection to state of the art disaster recovery. All of this within budget.

The financial sector relies heavily on stringent IT networks and secure operating systems. Anarchy would easily prevail, without having these in place.We work with mortgage brokers, building societies and accountants, to ensure that sensitive information is protected at all times. Using our bespoke Service Level Agreements (SLAs) your business and your customers can be confident that your IT networks and operating systems are as safe as it’s possible to be.

We provide support for a number of financial solutions along with all important data protection and state of the art disaster recovery services. All of these are vital to a smooth running of any financial institution. The current economic crisis has increased the pressure on banking and financial sectors to secure their IT systems; however, not overlooking budget constraints.

Financial organisations are by far the most at risk when it comes to their IT Networks, sensitive information needs to be protected and discretion applied. Server Consultancy is known to be the best IT support provider with mortgage brokers, building societies or accountants.

We are committed to providing you securing your crucial data and providing better confidence to the business and its customers that security works.

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