Environmental Responsibility

Server Consultancy emphasizes on our Environmental responsibility and urges our customers do the same. Environmental Responsibility

We take great pride in explaining our strategy in this cause. For instance, if you find that your office has any old or redundant IT equipment, such as laptops, servers, telephones, hard drives etc. we can remove and dispose these items for you. This is done considering safety and environmental friendly aspects and also providing you with a certification for all disposed materials.

Redundant IT equipment is now considered hazardous waste and hence, schools and businesses are legally obliged to dispose it abiding by the Environment Agency guidelines.  There is a heavy fine levied by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive for £5,000, if safety and environment friendly challenges are overlooked.

We adhere to the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle strategy wherever possible.
• Collecting the items
• processing and data destruction* backed by certification
• Re-use of products is encouraged through all departments.
• Recycling – Nothing goes waste and everything is recycled carefully.

In future, we hope to bring renewable energy to our own offices.

Let us consider our environmental responsibility by doing our bit!

* Data destruction by either physical shredding or the use of industry standard data wiping software